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Friday, June 12

these are some of my recent favorite images from flickr. i put the name of the flickr "user" so you can do a search for all of their posts, if you like. there are so many wonderful "ttvf" & texture images that people are so graciously willing to share. in fact, the border surrounding the 4 images above came from flickr user: kittykatfish.  i've been playing around with some...

and here's how the look was achieved - i used an overlay from "playingwithbrushes" @ flickr

again - here's the overlay i used 
(another one from "playingwithbrushes")
to get the above results...

here's one of my little em...using the frame provided by kittykatfish @ flickr

soooo many talented people who are willing to share their overlays and textures on flickr. sooo fun to play around with them. happy friday! have a wonderful weekend my peeps...

oh!! one more thing...stumped for a father's day gift idea...check out hof3 for this father's day cute!

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