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Wednesday, June 10

okay - lots to catch you up on...i may not get to everything today...but it's coming.

first & foremost...(drumroll please...) - i survived my 21-day road trip without chocolate. there was a bump in the road on day 20...remember the cookie-making project? but other than that...i accomplished my goal and i feel pretty darn good about myself right now.  (and i DID treat myself to some dove chocolates...the savory peanut butter & chocolate version that hit stores not too long ago. they are delish...but i didn't even eat the entire bag. honestly, i wasn't as excited to eat them as i thought i would be. whoa!!?? moving on...and moving forward, i've decided to up the ante and push myself a little further. another 21-day road trip...this time incorporating "no corn (including cornstarch & corn syrup), no wheat  & no sugar".  yes, i've done this before and it's quite challenging but the rewards were quite significant: (more energy, better digestion, weight loss). i began the journey on begins the countdown to june 29th. i can soooo do this. (but trust me...these 3 ingredients are in EVERYTHING - it's quite challenging people. try looking at the labels on things - you'll be amazed at the junk in food - even the so-called "healthy" food). 

next up...must share this SUPER easy recipe with you: spinach fettucine w/artichokes & sun-dried tomatoes.  (for MY portion, i substituted brown rice penne...remember, no wheat for me). 

for some creative MUST go check out the "summer diy series" from rhonna farrer.  lots of fun summer projects going on over there...

update on my 3 girls...

finished 7th grade receiving 6 awards.
1. top gpa in life science
2. top gpa in mathematics
3. all a's in language arts
4. all a's in world history
5. all a's in science
6. all a's in math

received a much shinier french horn from the band director, for use during her last year of middle school. this was a BIG deal to clara since she'd been toting around a pretty hideous-looking one for the past 2 years. 

will be attending girl's camp next week

finished 4th grade by being inducted into the "order of the dolphins" at round lake elementary. this is a big deal because only students with A/B honor roll are invited to be part of this "elite" group. if she continues to keep good grades, she'll be attending an overnight stay at sea world next year with the other "order of the dolphin" members. (they get to choose whether to sleep inside the aquariums with dolphins, penguins, sharks, etc.). 

has been invited to be a "shore patrol" member (safety patrol) as a 5th grader for round lake. again, selection is based not only on academic achievement but also on good character.

is 6 months old and is officially rolling over from back-to-stomach. 

she laughs outloud.

she has extended her morning nap for the past 3 days...from 9a.m. to 12:15p.m.  WHAT?! i don't know what to do with myself...

okay...that's progress...

i'll catch up on the rest later...have a super wednesday. (and "no", i haven't forgotten about "window shopping wednesdays")

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