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Thursday, July 2 name is jessica...and i love hello kitty. *stop laughing*
i don't know what it is about the cute little white ball of fur? i fell in love back when there was a department store called burdines and there was a section of "girly-type" things in the kids clothing section. i was always drawn to the hello kitty goods...little notepads & pens, lipgloss, stamps, stickers, etc. i'm not a hello kitty fanatic. i don't decorate with hello kitty stuff or even wear hello kitty clothing. (but i have purchased a costume jewelry-type ring before that was way too cute and i'd probably where a super cute t-shirt if i stumbled across one). i currently have in my cupboards a hello kitty sandwich maker...and a hello kitty waffle maker. (A. D. orable)! (but both purchases were gifts for my two girls...yeah...i know...the girls were just a "cover" for my secret obsession - at least i'm admitting to it now).

so...i thought this was absolutely fabulous when i came across it. it's just for fun.

super crazy over-the-top decor, don't you think? but i love it. just to look at. not live in.
enjoy your thursday. 

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