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i knew this day was coming...

Friday, July 24

i knew this day was coming. (and it actually happened 2 days before we left for our visit to springfield). i'd even prepped j through conversation...letting him know to be prepared. even still...nothing quite prepares you for the feeling you get as a parent when you walk into a room and see THIS:

my sweet lil' eight-month old ella pie. i'd just layed her down for a nap. i'd silently crept away and was satisfied to not hear a peep - i'm thinking "she's definitely sleepy and she's closing her sweet little peepers". and THEN. it was then that i heard a faint...unfamiliar noise. i almost ignored it but my "mom instincts" kicked in and told me i'd better peek. i gently pushed open the door and found little ella standing - with her back to me. (YES!) so i quickly yet every-so-quietly ran - on my tiptoes - to retrieve the camera to document this new milestone. as soon as i snapped the first picture...ella immediately turned around and i got THIS:

what a precious little package of sunshine. she's such a good little girl. she's such a happy baby. (as long as she's fed & not overly tired). i'm certainly feeling sentimental today...realizing this is my very last little baby. it makes me kind of sad. knowing this "season" of my life is closing. *sniffle*

still working on pictures from springfield and the recap of the trip. such fun little details i want to share. happy friday to all.

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