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Wednesday, July 15

it's finding things like this that make me feel so completely content.
i found this note yesterday, after the girls left for their 2 week vacation with their grandparents. ema had written/drawn/created it for me without me knowing and left it in a spot she knew i wouldn't miss seeing it....on the computer desk right under the monitor. i can't explain how wonderfully happy it made me feel when i saw it. i love you em. i love how thoughtful you are.

feeling energized today. committed. dedicated. to my life. to the people in it. but especially to myself. it's pure inspiration that hit me in the last 10 minutes of the treadmill earlier. ( i was holding ella for the last 5-6...yeah...i know...probably not a "pediatrician-approved" act...but she woke up from her nap and i was determined to finish strong. she actually enjoyed it and was checking out my feet and smiling much of the time.) felt so good to finish my goal - as simple as it was - and i just felt this sudden rush of empowerment. i was feeling so inspired i had to jot down my thoughts in my journal really quickly...i'll leave you with an excerpt - have a wonderful wednesday!

"I will make choices that will benefit my mind, body & spirit. I am dedicated to following through. I will not accept failure. I will stop making excuses. I will be better. I will be stronger. I will use my energy for good. I will be happy and I will be the example my children need & deserve. Today! Today is the day I will change my life - my thoughts - my actions - my outlook - my outcome"....

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