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No.4 is at the door...

Friday, July 3

yes...4th of july is tomorrow people. are you scrambling for last minute ideas on "bringing it all together"? i'm so in love with the super easy ideas from hof3. (go look at the finished products right here that hof3 has posted on their blog...way cute). they've got all sorts of labels for customizing water bottles, making popcorn bags, wrapping peanut jars, packaging sparklers and making 4th of july candies look "spark"tacular! you download the pdf for $4...print it out on sticker paper, cut, peel & wrap... and of course admire your adorable creations.

the girls and i will be working on No. 4 crafts and fun all day today. and then tomorrow i'll be  showing them how to make apple pie completely from scratch...i can't wait! there's nothing more american than apple pie...right? we've got old-fashioned festivities to attend in mt. dora saturday afternoon and then we'll be spending the later afternoon/evening with uncle mike and his family. (and once again..."over-the-top" mike has gone overboard with ensuring everyone has a good time by supplying over $1400 worth of 4th of july "excitement"...hello!? is he nuts? he's single...that's what it is...and he's super sweet/giving).  

here's hoping you all have a safe, spectacular 4th of july weekend...celebrate with friends/family and take a minute to think about the freedoms we enjoy everyday...we are all truly blessed. and if you need a little patriotic inspiration to get you in the right frame of here. 

it's a story/email from the bakerella blog...super sweet. (and you'll understand the image below, also from bakerella, after checking out the story/site. happy 4th! 

thank you to all of the men and women who serve & sacrifice (and who have served & sacrificed in the past) to protect our families...& our freedom.

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Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you, J and the girls to celebrate the 4th! We enjoyed all your sweet treats and Taylor wanted me to thank you again for her goody bag! You have talent!! I would bet you will be very famous soon and maybe a big food and craft editor!! Thanks again and happy summer!
Love you guys...Vicki

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