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magical field of butterflies...

Thursday, July 30

j reminded me lastnight that i've yet to post anything on the blog about one of my most special, favorite moments on our visit to springfield.

one morning, after one of my invigorating walks, deb told j about my desire for a 4-wheeler ride around the countryside. he happily obliged and moments later, we were off. i was "freezing" - the morning air was around high 60's...low 70' it was actually perfect. BUT...on the back of a 4-wheeler, the air seems at least 10+ degrees colder. (that only meant i had to hold on really close & tight to j...which i'm always looking for an excuse for that anyway). so...j takes me down all these country roads and we eventually find ourselves on a grassy path. (he knows where he's going the whole time - i haven't a clue). we made our way to a small creek and stopped...debating whether or not to attempt to cross it. (i wasn't sure how deep it was - it looked a bit sketchy). j didn't hesitate - he drove right across and we made it safely to the other side without getting even the tiniest bit wet. (so chivalrous...don't you think)? as we make our way up the river bank, i look up to see nothing but acres of gorgeous, green open field. it was breathtaking. we sat there for a minute, just breathing it all in...and then... as i look closer - (remember, i'm realizing i need glasses in a bad way), all of a sudden, i notice thousands of tiny delicate butterflies flittering around the heads of the grass. it was surreal. (and honestly, with j's 20/15 vision, he didn't even notice them until i pointed them out). it looked like a postcard. seriously. it totally seemed as if the butterflies weren't there at all...or as if they were invisible...until we took the time to just be still...and then they quietly & magically appeared. i was mesmerized. and being the passionate person i am, as j started to drive off, i immediately yelled out in desperation..., "wait! this is a magical butterfly have to kiss me!" and so he did. and i was happy. (and i hugged him even a little tighter and a little closer all the way back to the house).

and no...i have no pictures. i didn't have my camera with me. but it was such a special moment between just j and i - a really special moment. (i'm soooo super romanticized, aren't i?)

make your thursday magical....

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Angela said...

aww jess. i was reading yoru post and at the end was so excited to see a picture of all these butterflies in this field. then i read, you didn't have your camera! oh well, that's always the way it happens isn't it?! i'll just use my imagination. sounds beautiful!

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