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CRAFT | Mini Monster Milk Jars + Cricut Explore®

Thursday, October 23

DISCLOSURE: This project is being considered for a prize from Cricut.

Are these not the cutest Mini Monster Milkshakes you've ever seen?
I'm in love with them!! The adorable bottles from The TomKat Studio are the perfect backdrop for creating these Mini Monster Milk Jars using your Cricut Explore® - or a pair of scissorsif you have the patience for the intricacies of the "Frankenstein" faces. *wink*

Yep! You guessed it. It's time for another Cricut Design Space Star Challenge.
My team and I chose a "Black and White" theme for our projects to go along with the pre-determined Cricut topic: Holiday Home Decor + Gift Ideas.

I thought these mini milk jars were perfect to share as they not only add some fun decor to your Halloween celebrations…but they'd make super cute favor jars filled with colored Sixlets® as well!! (these jars come with lids too - yes…yes they do!! - 4th picture from the bottom of the post).

What's surprising is that although all of these faces are unique…they were created from only two simple facial designs…a ghost face and a frankenstein face. I just mixed up the different elements (eyes, mouths) and even changed the size on a couple to create some real "monsterpieces". Ha! (I'm such a dork).

I think the Frankies are my faves!!

The bottles are filled with milkshakes…vanilla for the Ghosts and mint chocolate chip for the "Frankies". A little ice cream + splash of milk…blend it up and pour it in. You could also do healthy green smoothies for the Frankies too!!  And of course…don't forget to add a cute party straw. (cut a normal straw in two).

Before I get started on the "How-To" for creating the monster faces…please know that you can make them using black vinyl OR white card stock. I made mine using black vinyl…BUT I wanted to experiment with the brand-new "Print the Cut" feature on the Cricut Explore® - which allows you to print an image onto your home printer first and then feed it into your Cricut Explore® for cutting! Yeah. Pretty freaking amazing.

So…the images you see here were cut from black vinyl but you could totally do it with card stock too. The card stock isn't moisture-resistant like the vinyl but would work just fine if the jars were filled with candies!

So…enough with the ghoulishness…let's get on with the how-to for making these fun Halloween treats.

1 set of printable Mini Monster Milk Jar Bottle Faces - Pen N' Paper Flowers
1 set of 12 Mini Glass Jars - The TomKat Studio
1 Cricut Explore® Cutting Machine
12x12 Standard Cutting Mat
White Card Stock or Black Cricut® Vinyl

Upload saved image to Cricut Design Space

Use the "Select & Delete" option to erase the white background of the image.
Just click anywhere on the white background and it will disappear

Use the "Erase" tool to erase the black text on the image - push "Continue" when done.
Leave behind only the portions you want the machine to cut.

I figured out later I could've probably used the "Crop" feature (upper right) to select the images I wanted to cut instead of the "Erase" feature but hey…I'm still learning the ins and outs of the machine! *wink*

Save the image after naming it and adding tags in the boxes over to the right.

I made sure mine was about 8" wide (see below)

In the layers box, click on the tiny printer icon. 
This opens the pop-out window to the left showing the "print" feature.
***Skip this step if you are cutting from black vinyl and will not be printing***
Vinyl users can just push the "Go" button and load black vinyl into machine for cutting.

After you've printed your image using your personal printer, place your paper on your Cricut® Cutting Mat and follow the onscreen directions to load and cut your image. I used white card stock.

See those 3 L-shaped marks on the paper I printed? Those are a really important part of the Cricut Explore® "Print then Cut" feature. They are what the machine reads to ensure proper alignment before the cutting process begins. It's pretty cool…and amazing! See more photos below.

If you are using the new Print & Cut feature for the first time you will have to calibrate your Cricut Explore® machine first - the software walks you through the steps to do that. 
If you have ANY issues at all you can call Customer Support at 877-7CRICUT 

See that little beam of light shining onto the paper from underneath the cutting carriage? 
That's the machine reading the crop marks…prepping for cutting. It starts with the crop mark on the top left, moves over to the top right crop mark and scrolls down to the bottom left one. 
It's so cool to watch it in action!!

And now it's cutting…look at how precise the cuts are? 
Maybe you can't even tell what parts have already been cut because the cutting detail is amazing?

Here it is…all finished cutting. 
I peeled up the white card stock and left the black images stuck to the mat.

Mix and match the assortment of eyes and mouths to create a variety of faces.
Just by angling/tilting them a little differently makes a big difference in their appearances too!

For those of you who don't have a Cricut Explore® you can still print the FREE printable Mini Monster Milk Jar Bottle Faces onto a piece of card stock and then use a pair of handy scissors to cut them out. Use your favorite adhesive to stick them on.

Hope you love the project, friends!!
I'll be sharing the rest of the fun, creative things Team 14 came up with….soon!!

I think I kept these in the freezer for a week before I was able to actually photograph them!
You'd never even know!! Ha!!


Jessica said...

These are great, Jessica! Good luck in the contest!!!

Dawn Pasco said...

So cute! It makes me wish I had a cricut machine.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Yay! Thanks Jessica!! You too!!!

Bet said...

Che carini!! *_*

Unknown said...

This Monster Jars are so lovely ! I’m going to share your post on my french blog : ! 😉

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you Amaya Lady - I would love for you to share it! Let me know when it goes live!!
Thanks for visiting!!

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