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Thursday, October 2

Holy "Photography Giveaway Batman"!!
I shared on my Facebook page yesterday that The Cake Blog just launched a brand new online photography class for those of you looking to improve your "Cake" photography.

Well now today…there's an AWESOME giveaway going on over at The Cake Blog website and I'm sooo wanting to enter to win this myself!!  I figured if I wanted to enter it you totally would want to as well so that's why I'm sharing!!

Hello!?? A fab Nikon camera, a pretty camera strap, an amazing photography backdrop and a gorgeous cake stand, created to withstand tiered cakes, all. up. for. grabs!! Who doesn't want every bit of that?

One person will win it all.
If you bake cakes either as a business or even on the side…you should totally enter to win this.
And guess what…even if you don't bake cakes you should STILL enter to win because who couldn't use an awesome new Nikon camera,  (the camera brand I use personally), and that awesome loot to go with it?

You should totally tell all of your cake baking friends about the class and this giveaway. If they win they'll SO owe you at least a couple of FREE cakes….right?

Go to The Cake Blog to enter to win…and good luck!!

I never know what the proper etiquette is when it comes to having friends that do fabulous giveaways.
I always want to enter the giveaways but then I'd feel really guilty if I won - like I'd taken the prize from someone else who might then think my friend just wanted to give the prize to me because…well...we're friends. (which all of my blogging friends are way too honest to do that anyway so I don't know why I even worry about that). BUT still. That would put them in a weird position if my name happened to be drawn because technically I would be the winner…but who really wants to announce to the world, "Yay! My friend won instead of all of you readers out there." I've actually considered entering to win using a bogus name so that neither my friend OR anyone else knows it's me that's entering. BUT…what happens when the prizes have to be shipped to me? Yeah. Awkward. Ha!! Just keeping it real folks... just keeping it real…*wink*

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