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Wednesday, October 29

I took a break from Instagram - as far as posting the daily inspirational thoughts I share there.
I didn't feel very inspired considering the loss we are experiencing.
Today, however, I realized that I NEED to push myself to continue to find the good.
In fact, just as I responded to someone on Instagram: "It's much easier to be happy and cheerful when all is right in the world. It's a test of character and strength to continue putting out light when things seem so dark. I NEED to keep up with my daily thoughts…they will certainly help in the healing process of all of this."

And that is where I'm at today…and why I posted this here.

I tried posting a normal post yesterday…but it just felt awkward focusing on Halloween when that's not my focus at all right now.
One minute I'm okay - the next I'm in tears.
It's a roller coaster of emotions to say the least. I cannot imagine what my aunt and uncle are going through. I cannot imagine losing one of my children…and certainly not in such a horrific way.
Today I'm sorting through photos of Holly in preparation of a slideshow I have to create for the funeral on Friday…and it's so difficult.

The emails, Instagrams, Facebook comments and people reaching out has been so comforting. I so very much appreciate the prayers and thoughts and condolences expressed by so many of you. It means the world to me. Thank you. I  know my family would thank you too if they could.

1 comment:

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

I just happened upon your blog - you are so very talented. I am so sorry for your families' loss and hope the one responsible is found. How awful.

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