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FREE | Cute Halloween Food Idea for Kids

Thursday, October 9

I don't know about you all but I like to do a fun dinner for my girls either on Halloween night OR on the one night during October that we do the Phantom Pumpkin. My festive Halloween dinners are never elaborate and they usually involve quick foods since we are trying to head out the door.

I came up with a super cute AND SUPER EASY "Frankenstein" themed dinner I'll be doing this year. Hotdogs and french fries never looked so cute…am I right?  Especially served up on these mini sheet pans. (see bottom of post for details about ordering these).

I lined my tray with a piece of custom printed "Boo" tissue paper, printed my black and white striped french fry holder and filled it with Ore Ida's Extra Crispy Fast Food fries aka "French Fried Franken Fingers", stuck a boiled hotdog in a bun and added a "Franken-furter" food pick, and I included a small cup of "spider web ketchup/mustard" for dipping...and dinner is done! Yay!!

I've created a FREE printable for you to easily recreate this for your littles too. 
And hey…even my teen girls appreciate this!

To print the tissue, I cut a piece of white tissue paper down to 8.5 x 11 and gently taped it to a piece of white card stock. (I used a piece of washi tape this time but transparent tape works too -  just a small piece of tape at the top and one on the side - you want it to hold the tissue in place as it's fed into your printer so it won't get jammed - but you want to be able to remove the tape easily when you are finished printing).

I cut the sheet of 8.5 x 11 tissue in half after printing so I would have two separate pieces to complete two trays.

Now we all know a meal just isn't complete without something sweet to finish it off…right? (or maybe that's just me but I have a sneaking suspicion I'm not the only one out there).

In any case... how cute is this mini monster shake…or in keeping with our Frankenstein themed Halloween dinner…a "Frozen Franken Freeze"!

It's super easy to make and I'll be sharing more information all about that cute little detail VERY soon!

I hope you're inspired!!
Do it for the kids!!! They'll LOVE it!! Pinky promise!!

Stay tuned…

This post is part of of a round up of FREE Halloween printables I'm doing with some fabulous blogging friends - this is NOT the same group I've been doing the monthly free printables.

We each took an element of a Halloween party and created a free printable using a black and orange color scheme. (I stuck with black and white and added a piece of orange washi tape - that counts, right?) Anyway, I'll be sharing the round up of all of our ideas next week…STAY TUNED for cuteness overload!!

French Fry Holder + Food Labels - Pen N' Paper Flowers
Boo Tissue Paper Template - Pen N' Paper Flowers
Mini Sheet Pans -  I just HAD to have these awhile back when Sarah Hearts mentioned them. (you can find them on Amazon BUT I scored mine for a SUPER affordable price at Webstaurant and ordered a dozen of them over the Summer - I foresee using these for picnics and for around the campfire too!! Sooo excited about that!! 

It's been an incredibly busy + unproductive week for me.
It's amazing, (+ disheartening), how sick kiddos can really throw a wrench into your plans and programs. This post was supposed to be finished and ready to go up with the rest of my blogging friends on Tuesday. *blushing*
I haven't even posted to Instagram once this week…which is highly unusual for me…seeing as how I usually share an inspirational quote everyday. I typically don't wish the days away…and I'm still not going to…but I'll be grateful when the disappointment from this week is behind me and I'm able to full-focus on the deadlines facing me over the next few days. Sure hope you all had a great week though!!


Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe said...

This is just adorable Jess! And I love the custom tissue paper idea. I'm going to have to try that for Christmas goodies. :)

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thanks Kim!!! The tissue idea is something I used to do years ago and just happened to remember it for this project. Ha!! It's super easy too! You should totally try it!

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