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STYLING | Halloween Poem Poster

Tuesday, October 28

If you aren't following my Instagram feed then you probably missed seeing how things turned out with how I displayed the Halloween Poem poster I designed.

I definitely wanted to share it here because I'm completely in love with how it turned out.
I ended up altering the size of the poem to be a 32x40 - which is the exact size of the large affordable foam board pieces at Hobby Lobby. I had the Halloween Poem printed at my local Office Depot (for under $5) and used double-stick tape around the edges of the poster to attach it to the piece of foam board. If you use the Hobby Lobby app you can get the foam board for 40% off making it around $3.50 + then with the printing you've only spent about $8.50 for some AWESOME decor impact.  I, myself, think it's pretty awesome anyway. *wink*

I kept the decor around the poster really simple by using a couple of blue mason jars to house some orange floral berry branches I had in the attic. I just stuck them right in and left them. Then I added a couple of pumpkins and called it done. I like the clean look keeping the focus on the poster but having the splash of Fall colors in the florals to accentuate it.

The foam board art is great because it's lightweight and can easily be displayed on a mantle or piece of furniture as a backdrop and it can be moved around easily too. I change my mind A LOT and love that I I don't leave behind holes in my walls from when I decide to change things up on a whim.

You can get the 32x40 Halloween Poem poster RIGHT HERE if you love it too.
You get both background styles: Chalkboard Background AND White Background with black text.

Hope you love how it turned out!!

I have had this blog post as a "draft" for nearly three weeks while trying to get the files to load properly on Etsy. I've given up and will just email the files directly to anyone who purchases them! It's almost Halloween for crying out loud!! *wink*

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Renee said...

This is awesome, Jess!! Thanks for sharing!!

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