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RESTYLE | The Abandoned Dresser

Wednesday, September 12

Here she is folks...
Meet the newest addition to our family.


She was sadly abandoned and needed a bit of love when we first met her...

But we spruced her up a bit...
(Ella totally helped me sand her down, remove the hardware and helped roll the first coat of paint on).

We added a fresh coat of Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt paint...
(which is a subtle blue-grey color - even though these photos make it look like my favorite color: creamy white)
Added some wooden accents to the top drawers...
and then gave her the ole rub down using sandpaper to complete her "Vintage French Farmhouse" look...
and we think she's just gorgeous.



Although she hasn't found a permanent spot yet...
I'm keeping her here for now...
in anticipation of some upcoming FUN photo shoots.
(Don't mind the decor either - I quickly threw those on top to make her seem a little more "settled in")
(you can see her subtle blue-grey color a bit better in this photo since she's up against a creamy white wall)

Welcome to your new home.
We hope you love it here.

Materials & Cost:
Dresser - $0
Paint - $0 Sherwin-Williams • Sea Salt (leftover from a previous project) $0
Paint Brush & Mini Roller - $0 (Paint supplies on-hand)
Sandpaper - $0 (leftover from another project)
Wooden Accents - $6 Lowes
Wood Glue - $0 (already had in the garage)
Total: $6

• Remove hardware
• Lightly sand the entire piece so the paint will stick.
• Wipe down the furniture to remove the dust created from sanding.
• Glue on wood accents to drawers. (I skip the whole "wait 24 hours to dry" suggestion on the bottle. I figure the paint
   will be the added glue it needs to stay put). *wink*
• Apply 1st coat of paint. (I prefer using a brush but Ella used a mini roller to help).
• Add hardware back on.
• Apply 2nd coat of paint with brush.
• Let it dry a bit. (I'm pretty impatient so I don't do the whole "let it sit overnight" thing).
• Sand the edges, features that stick out and the top in just a few places. (Thank you Ema for helping out with this part)
• Bring it inside the house and admire.

I still need to add a protective coating to her - which I have in the garage...
I've just been lazy.

This is NOT my first "restyle" project.
I've repainted beds, armoires, and various other pieces of furniture in our home.
(I'll have to share those at some point too).

I'm proud of myself for two reasons:
• I didn't let her sit for months before I did something with her. (which can be pretty typical of me).
   3 days from the time we brought her home I jumped into the project. Yay me!!
• $6 was all I spent - besides my time - Can't get much better than that.

and I have to just say...
I've been approached several times now by both of my older girls, Clara (16) and Ema (13)
stating their case for the many reasons why the new furniture should go into their rooms.
No way.
No how.
She's mine. *wink*

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