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Thursday, September 20

I absolutely LOVE Aran Goyoaga, author of the beautiful food blog: Cannelle et Vanille.

You've seen my attempt at recreating her gorgeous, healthy, wholesome dishes here.
(I even added her recipes to my "Promise Me" journey last February).

Aran has a way of sweeping you away into a different world with her gorgeous food photography.
She has this amazing connection with food linking her to fond memories of her childhood.
Her natural ability to convey the recollections of growing up in the Basque country oftentimes makes you feel you are there, sharing the experience.

There's a distinct feeling I get every time I look at her lovely food presentation...
or listen to the way her love of wholesome foods is directly tied into her love of family;
The family she grew up in...
and her own little family she is now raising.

I have been anticipating the release of her first book and I'm thrilled to say it's now available for pre-order.
The book is a lovely guide to how "Gluten-free food can be delicious and beautiful... and satisfying"
Check out the charming book trailer to see for your yourself...

Although I must warn you...
you may be unable to overcome the overwhelming desire to purchase the book. NOW.  *wink*

Wouldn't this be a fabulous gift for yourself...
or someone you know?

You know that feeling you get after you've watched an amazing inspiring movie?
That feeling that makes you believe you can do anything...
Lighting that spark within you that reconfirms your dreams aren't out of reach
and reaching your fullest potential is just around the corner?
(I remember watching Flashdance and then dancing non-stop for weeks afterwards - thinking that was my calling in life). *blushing*

Well...I get that same feeling every time I visit Aran's food blog.
Her recipes inspire me to cook healthier for my family.
I've said before...
she's actually living the life (through cooking) that I feel I should/could be living.

Aran comes across as very organic...
and approachable.
I like that.

I know I'm going to love her book.

1 comment:

CEO SAHM said...

The first part of your blof article described EXACTLY how I felt after I watched "Julie and Julia" the movie a couple days ago. I was inspired (deep down in my soul) to start an upcoming project on my blog. After I got that inspiration I thought to myself am I silly to have been so "moved" enough to do something postive in my own life by just watching a movie!? Yep, it happens to people. That spark of awesome motivation that gives people the drive to do and be better.

I actually met you once at my house, Jessica. You were going to help Ramee Kirland plan my wedding about two years ago. I'm Maria Lowry, Ramee's sister-in-law.

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