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GOOD THiNGS | Bananas over bananas

Monday, September 24

Over the Summer...
something happened.

In my search to reach for healthier snack alternatives...
I became obsessed with bananas.
I thought I'd share with you what I refer to as...
My "Banana Evolution"...

It all began with these...
I started noticing my thirteen year old daughter snacking on something interesting...
The frozen banana halves I had stocked in the freezer for my smoothies.
She just wrapped some plastic around the cold, frozen banana and ate it like a popsicle.
She swore they tasted just like ice cream so I had to try it. YUM!

Which then inspired these...
Banana Popsicles
I decided to add a stick to fresh cut bananas and then freeze them...making them an official popsicle.
Shown here using rods from The Pastry Pedestal™

Which led to the ultimate treat
Soft Serve Banana Ice Cream
Frozen Bananas + Food Processor = Banana Ice Cream

Variations of this ultimate treat quickly evolved...
Soft Serve Banana Nut Ice Cream
Frozen Bananas + Blender  topped off with Honey + Walnuts = Banana Nut Ice Cream
(see how the blender creates more of a creamy outcome vs. the firmer version from the food processor).

Soft Serve Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream
Frozen Bananas + Blender + Peanut Butter = Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream
Topped off with a super simple homemade raw chocolate syrup:
2 TBSP Agave Nectar + 1 TBSP cocoa powder

Can it get any better than that?
A whole food, simply made yummier by freezing it.
I love it.

SUPPLIES NEEDED (Makes 1 large serving or 2 small servings)
• 2-3 frozen bananas (sliced or cut into chunks prior to freezing)
• Food processor or blender

Optional: Toppings 

Using a blender or food processor, add 2-3 frozen bananas.
Blend for a few seconds until bananas reach a creamy, "soft serve" ice cream consistency.

Sprinkle with nuts, fruits or raw syrups to keep things nice & healthy. *wink*
Serve immediately.

Using a Blender - you may want to put the bananas in the blender and let them thaw for a few minutes prior to blending.
                                 Your results will be more creamy than "soft serve". Still delicious.

Using a Food Processor - I prefer the consistency of the ice cream I got using my super mini food processor.
                                               It's more of a true soft-serve ice cream. 

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to discover such a simple, healthy,  FUN snack alternative.
I hope you'll be inspired to try it out yourself.
I'm working on perfecting a "fall" flavored version.
I'll let you know what I come up with.

Make it a great week, friends!!

The Peanut Butter + Banana version is my absolute favorite.
But then again...we all know I have a weakness for peanut butter. *wink*

Lots of fun things coming up...
Including a FUN giveaway announcement!!                                      

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