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Monday, September 17

Had fun on Saturday browsing Renninger's.
Thought I'd share what we brought home with us...

Antique Wire Whisk & Hand Brooms

Small Crate for Apothecary Jars

Antique Church Pew
I have been wanting one of these FOREVER...
and this was a bit less ornate and unique than some of the ones I've seen through the years.

The small crate & brooms will make great props for some upcoming photo styling
and then will transition nicely into some home decor elements around the house.

The jumbo sized wire whisk is part of my collection of antique bakeware and accessories.

And the  church pew...
do you think I should paint it or leave it as-is?
We could go with the ole standby and do a creamy white distressed finish?
or we could go with black distressed?
Or if you have a better idea...
I'd love your feedback.

I'm definitely intimidated at the thought of painting the pew black.
I've only done creamy whites and the latest RESTYLE I did was a very light Grey-Blue.
Black seems so scary...
I guess because it seems so "final".
But I do LOVE black distressed furniture.

If you don't know...
my home decor style is what I like to call: Vintage French Farmhouse
What do you think?


Melissa said...

I say go black, step outside your comfort zone a bit. I know when i push myself outside that "safe" limit i usually always love it. I feel like every room needs some element of black to bring this down a bit anyway. Paint is never final either if you start and hate it use this stuff called Antique Wood Refinsher. It has worked for me

kansasgirl1 said...

PLEASE don't paint the pew! If you have truly "always wanted" an antique church pew, then this is what you have! Once you paint and distress it, whether white, black, or any other color, it is no longer an antique church pew, just an old bench, prettily re-done. Keep the original beauty!!!!

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