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'bake it pretty' & sprinkles make everything better...

Friday, January 22

my first creation from the "petite sweets" cookbook...

mini chocolate velvet cakes...

cute, right?
looks pretty tasty...?
overall, it actually DID taste pretty good. (nothing to write martha stewart about)
but it wasn't that difficult to make. (brownie points)
i messed up the icing. *blushing*
go ahead.
look closely.
you can see a curdled, runny mess all up on that poor little innocent velvety cake.
that's some dripping down the side of the wrapper.
the ones in the back are even worse looking.

#1: butter was too soft
#2: refrigerated portion was too cold.
mix the two together and you get:
an icing disaster.

i couldn't bare to just toss them all away.
but i also couldn't bare the thought of eating naked cakes.
these would unfortunately be crowned with a less-than favorable icing presentation.

but wait.
a little bit of valentine's sprinkles...(or maybe it was A LOT) *wink*

by george...
i believe the unthinkable has been avoided.
no wasted cakes...
no naked cakes...
an undeniably cute.
seriously cute.
despite the frosting nightmare...
thank you bake it pretty...
i adore you...

it's a "win-win"...

speaking of "win" -

have your "cupcake" and eat it too by entering to win the "be" print from this post.
only 2 days left to enter & all it takes is leaving a comment.
be 1 of the 2 lucky winners.
seriously easy.
seriously worth it.

thank you to those who've already entered...
i'm LOVING the feedback you've been giving!
don't forget to send your friends over too...



Renee said...

'So creative, Jess. The cupcakes look yummy!

Little Green Umbrella said...

When things aren't going right in the kitchen I always say "Well, it looks like we are going in a different direction". I can almost always come up with a fix. Sometimes our "projects" take us in a different direction. Just like life, you have to figure out a way to make it work. You did great.

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