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remnants of christmas...

Monday, December 28

it's time to start putting away all of the decorations.
but wait.
as i looked around the house this morning, i caught glimpses of items that re-tell the story of our christmas together this year...
here are a few of my favorites...

3 "petite" pumpkin loaves leftover from the 18+ i baked and gave as gifts.

leftover peanut butter & chocolate "truffles" (if you want to be fancy)
or pb "balls" if you want to keep it real...*wink*

the uneaten gingerbread houses clara & ema made
(gotta love the sam's gingerbread house kits...)

the ornaments i got for each girl this's an annual tradition.
JOY - because that's what ella brings me.
LOVE - because that's what ema is filled with.
FAITH - because clara continues to teach me.

my gift from ema - a homemade gingerbread cookie - wonderfully decorated
and still delightful even with the two broken arms. *wink*
(note to self: bake a more "crisp" version next time).

my gift from clara - a homemade book all about "ME"
(the "your" should've been spelled "you're"...*wink*)

i had no idea she was creating this.
remember the "paperbag albums"? she found an old one i had and used it as a template.
i was in tears christmas morning looking through it.

along with the pictures and creative journaling,
she even had everyone sign it in the back of the book....
what mom doesn't LOVE things like this...??? i put away the ornaments and pack up the decorations...
my heart is full.
i hope yours it too.


mindy said...

LOVE your petite loafs! You have inspired me to make these! Is there a certain pan you use?

Unknown said...


I've got a MINI loaf pan that bakes 9 loafs at a time.
That's the one I used to make these.

Here's a link to one that looks very similar to the one I have:

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