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magical birthday wishes...

Monday, December 21

when i got word from kim @ tomkatstudio birthday gifts/decor items were being gathered to send to kate for her 6th birthday...i knew immediately i wanted to be part of it.

but what in the world could/should i send?
i wanted it to be magical.
i wanted it to be special.
i wanted it to be something she could share.
AND something to keep all to herself.

i REALLY was at a loss.
what do you send a beautiful little girl who's about to turn 6 -
a little girl who's been through so much -
too much.
a little girl & her family who've demonstrated tremendous courage and who've touched the lives of so many people by sharing their personal journey.
a little girl who doesn't have much of an appetite.
a little girl who may or may not be feeling well enough to celebrate.
& a little girl who may or may not be in the hospital on her birthday.

and THEN...i was inspired by a photo from kate's blog.
it was a picture of kate blowing bubbles as part of her therapy.

that's it!
bubbles are perfect for a birthday party.
the more i thought about it,
the more i thought it was JUST the thing to send kate.

bubbles are magical all on their own.
but how do i make them "special"?
then i found this...

a beautiful, magical bubble wand...

but then what if kate was too exhausted to blow her own bubbles...

that's when i decided on sending kate her very own PINK bubble machine...
she could have a room filled with bubbles to share with everyone, if she wanted...that's magical.

so, i decided to send both.
a bubble machine for sharing bubbles with her family at home...OR with everyone at the hospital, a special beautiful bubble wand just for kate and of course some bubble solution.

since kate's birthday is the day after christmas, kim @ tomkatstudio created red & "pool blue" snowflake-themed birthday decorations for kate's birthday celebration. i knew i wanted the wrapping to match...

so, i swapped out the original bubble packaging on two bottles of bubbles, (one for kate, one for the bubble machine), wrapped up the pink bubble machine & butterfly bubble wand using blue ribbon & perfect red snowflake bows, threw in a pack of C batteries for the machine and put them in a box...

...and then stuffed in some blue & red tissue as filler.

i've never felt more happy/excited to mail off a gift.
it satisfied every little detail i was trying to touch on...

i hope kate finds it magical.

i've never even met kate.
but i love her. i REALLY love her.
(as crazy as that sounds)
she has forever touched my life.
her family has touched my life.
and i'm grateful.


Yvette said...

Wow! This is so inspiring! Now I want to send her something, something so simple but so special. I don't know you, just as you don't know Kate, but I can tell you have a heart of gold. I found this through a post on facebook from the tomkatstudio, and I'm glad I clicked. This is what we should all be doing, at least once in a blue moon.

Thank you for the inspiration!
Yvette Sencion

Lacey McKay said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift for Miss Kate! That wand is amazing. I've never seen anything like it! And I love the snowflake theme for the party. How fun!

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