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cranberries + popcorn

Tuesday, December 15

sunday night i got out the cranberries & popcorn...

added a little needle & thread
along with some green gingham fabric scraps
to work a little popcorn & cranberry garland magic...

go ahead...get a little closer...


i've only done this a couple of times.
& it'd been a few years.
the girls were thrilled when i mentioned the possibility.
so we did it together.
we used whole cranberries this year.
i've also used craisins - they're a bit more "sticky" but still "oh so cute".

& keeping it real...
ema & i did our strands on sunday night while watching the grinch. clara was finishing her science project. so, it wasn't until monday night clara worked on hers).

so we DID do it together...kind of. *wink*

merry tuesday to you all...

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