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get your "holiday simmer" on...

Wednesday, December 2

gather these few ingredients together and you're minutes away from getting your "holiday simmer" on...*wink*

seriously. i've found this to be one of my most favorite and most simple ways of inviting the "holiday spirit" into my home. It fills the air with a most wonderful scent. the best part only takes minutes, few ingredients & little effort.

for those of you who've tried this...have you got yours going yet this holiday season?
for those who are new to this & curious...keep reading.

here's what you'll need:
3 orange slices
5-6 whole cloves
3 cinnamon sticks

here's what you do:
- fill a small saucepan with water
- add the ingredients listed above
- bring the saucepan to a boil
- reduce to simmer
- simmer for as long as you want & continue to replenish water as needed

although this is wonderful as is...feel free to get creative with this.
change up the amounts of the ingredients to suit your taste/smell.
and then get crazy and add your favorite spices.
i happen to love nutmeg and vanilla so i added those for some extra goodness.
and i love the look of the peel from a red apple - so i threw that in there too. even looks pretty simmering on the stove?

the BEST part?
you can package up the simple ingredients & include a list of instructions to share with neighbors/friends/family/teachers/bus's a simple holiday gift.
it's easy.
it's thoughtful.
and it's a great way to help jump start the holiday spirit...


Tammy said...

OOOH! I love this! I think I have all these ingredients to get started. My friend made us each a goodie bag one year with all these ingredients and the instructions and left it on our doorsteps! I swear I love your photos! I so need a new camera!

Renee V said...

Found this on your Pinterest page, can not wait to try it!!! Sounds heavenly and I'm sure the visiting fam will be appreciative since we have a smoker in the house :(

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