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Thursday, December 3

have you noticed the link in my side bar?

i've been following this story for some time now and it totally pulls at my heartstrings. i first heard about kate's story from rhonna's site when she mentioned "cards for kate". i have since seen it several other places now. kim @ tomkatstudio created the logo above and posted it on her site to help spread the word. i think it's an amazingly cool idea for this family to embark on - all while feeling the sting of heartache in their own lives. it's truly inspirational.

kate will also be celebrating her 6th birthday this month. (december 26th). kim @ tomkatstudio is putting together some things to help her celebrate. if you'd like to help out with that as well, go to kim's site and email her for more information.

so there you go.
two different things you can choose to be involved in...
all for one special little girl.

for the "kate's cool christmas"...go here.
"enter site" and click on the "christmas" link.

i know i'll be participating with my own family. i encourage you to do the same.

have a beautiful thursday.


Anonymous said...

I've been following Kate's story for months too, I live in the area where they are from. Kate and her family were on the Dr. Phil show yesterday. Here is a link to some of the clips from that show:

This little girl and her family are amazing and I pray for them everyday. - Amy

Unknown said...


Thanks for posting the link to the Dr. Phil show. I'm wiping away the tears. This story has made such an impact on so many people.

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Jess - Thank you so much for posting this and offering to help!

Amy - Do we know each other?! I live in Chandler!

The Dr. Phil segment was amazing, what an incredible family the McRaes are.

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