Friday, February 22

FOUND | Spring Cookies + Fun Baking Pan

Spring is well on its way...
and these cookies prove it...

Wishing the Spring cookies were available as a mini chessmen these...

On a completely different note...
you got the heads-up about my amazing $2.39 find at Target...

Nordic Ware Sandwich Cookie Baking Pan
I picked up the very last two...guessing the CRAZY price was because it was considered a Valentine's Day item?

I hope those of you interested will be able to find these cute cookie pans at your local Target before they are gone!
Can you imagine all of the uses for this adorable pan?

Aside from the cuteness of the Spring Edition Chessmen Cookies...
as well as my desire to help you out with those Spring/Easter celebrations you are planning...
I DO have a reason for sharing the Chessmen Cookies with you...specifically the minis...
you just have to wait until next week for the reveal...*wink*

Have a great weekend!
If you score either of these great finds - let me know!!

If there had been two pans left, I was totally going to swipe them as as giveaway for one of YOU! *frown*
I searched and searched for links online and could not find ONE single image of this pan!!
Is that strange or what?
I had wanted to provide you with the original price to show you how much you were saving...
but...they were nowhere to be found on the Nordic Ware, Target, Amazon websites - NOTHiNG!!??
If you happen to find them somewhere - let me know!! *wink*


Kelly,  February 22, 2013 at 2:15 PM  


This probably isn't quite what you were looking for. But I did find the pans on EBay:

Like you, I couldn't find them anywhere else online, though!

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