Friday, March 12

find the good...

these last couple of days have been quite challenging...
wednesday was filled with ella being clingy, grouchy and determined not to take a nap or was not content unless she was in my arms.

thursday brought new hope...
however, not only did it turn out to be filled with more of the same...
it brought additional struggles as well:

so instead of just posting the "doom and gloom" of it all...
let's play a little game called "find the good"...

ella was still clingy, grouchy, unhappy unless i was holding her & still refusing to take naps.
the good: holding her caused me to slow-down, focus on her and eventually we both took a nap together. *wink*

stormy, rainy, windy weather induced calls and texts from my mom requesting i turn on the news and take cover.
the good: since i had to log off of the computer in fear of power surges/outages, the software updates i'd been avoiding were finally loaded when i logged back on later. (although true...that one was a little lame...let me try another one)...
the good: because ella and i huddled in the hallway with blankets & pillows for part of the afternoon with our trembling dog, hamilton, nervously sitting with us - was a bit of a bonding moment for all of us? (not sure if that one was any better)? *wink*
the good: no of my biggest fears...AND no harm to anyone. (there...that sounds much more grateful and "good").

i was met with puddles of water when i ran out to the car to pick ema up from the school bus. the puddles weren't on the ground...they were in my truck...yeah!
(having left the sunroof open the day before, my truck quietly collected the record amounts of all-day rain).
the good: ema was able to do a "good deed" by graciously offering to help clean it all up because...well...ella was still clingy, grouchy and unhappy unless i was holding her. (there's more good...keep reading).
the good: the truck is the cleanest it's been in a long time...having removed every item, including ella's carseat allowed for a VERY thorough cleaning. (wait. there's more good...)
the good: when j got home, he took charge of ella which allowed me a much needed break. so i ran up to the gas station to command use of the industrial vac. (it beats the feeble use of the hair dryer attempt from earlier).

when i got back from the industrial vac scenario, my nerves were almost completely shot. (and j could tell). my shoes & pants were soaked from standing in puddles of water while using the 7-11 vac as well as the fact the seat of my pants were like a sponge to the still-damp leather. plus...the ziploc bag of wet coins i'd collected from the center console spilled out onto the pavement as i got out of the car to toss out remaining drenched paper/ garbage. nice. (and you better believe i picked up every single penny...because that's what most of the change was...pennies...erghhh)!
the good: j let me take an "early" shower after he and the girls prepared most of the dinner and after clara had given ella an early bath.

and the best part?
today is a new day.
i'm keeping my fingers crossed it will hold a much different scenario.
but if for some reason...
things are still a bit crazy...???
i can always play another round of "find the good"...
and honestly...
it was pretty fun. (not to mention reflective).

what a perfect way to start the weekend...
happy friday everyone!

Keeping It Real:
i SERIOUSLY wanted to pull my hair out yesterday...and the day before.
the good: i didn't. *wink*
the good: the super cute "find the good" print i created resulted from my desire to add some visual appeal to this potentially boring post...and it's making me REALLY happy to look at right now. *big grin*


Angela Gerber March 13, 2010 at 1:25 AM  

a tornado?! i spoke and received multiple emails from my family and no one mentioned this. Crazy!! second, i enjoyed that you can actually post about how bad your day was. great attitude girl.

hope ella is happier this weekend. stay dry and safe. xo

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