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FUN | Harmless + Silly April Fool's Day Pranks

Tuesday, March 31

A couple of years ago, I posted some Harmless + Silly April Fool's Day ideas and I thought I would update you with a couple more fun things I've done through the years...

Unscrew the cap on the bathroom faucet.
Insert a bold colored dye tablet from an Easter egg kit into the cap and screw back on.
Watch as your unsuspecting victim is confused by the bold change in water color.
Only lasts for a few seconds but it's high impact with zero clean up!!

Place a piece of cute washi tape over the sensor located on the bottom of someone's computer mouse.
It peels off easily - after they've been perplexed by the malfunctioning mouse for a few minutes.

And here is my all time favorite from last year...

Empty the ice from the ice dispenser in your freezer. Turn the ice maker OFF!
Fill the ice dispenser with popped popcorn and wait in suspense for the fun to begin!!

TIP: Store ice in ziplock bag or freezer-safe container 
and put it back in the freezer so you still have ice once the prank is over
Rinse ice dispenser well after prank and let it dry completely before putting back in freezer.
Don't forget to turn the ice maker back on!!

It worked like a charm! I totally laughed out loud when I tested out the idea when no one was home. Unfortunately, when my two older girls were actually pranked by this idea I wasn't home to see it. In fact, the way I found out they had been punked was when I saw the above video posted to my daughter's Instagram account. I was SO happy they found it amusing enough to take a video and post it. I LOVE it!! And so did they! *wink*

Again, check out  MORE of my Harmless and Silly April Fool's Day pranks I've shared through the years!

Have inspired and let the shenanigans begin!!

I'm not saying ANYTHING to my girls about it being April Fool's Day tomorrow.
I can't wait to catch them off guard with a few things!!


Anonymous said...

So cool! Thank you for these ideas! I am hoping to prank my family this time with your cool ideas.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

I hope the pranking was successful for you!! And I'm thrilled you were inspired! *wink*

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