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BOOK CLUB | April's Selection :: Keep It Simple by Atlanta Bartlett

Sunday, March 15

In my search for simplicity not only in my day-to-day life but in my home decor as well, I decided to pick something for the PNPF Book Club for the month of April that ties all of that together in a nice NEW book by Atlanta Bartlett called "Keep It Simple."

The book is SO brand-new /"hot-off-the-presses" that I thought I would have to skip it for April's selection and choose it for May instead because pre-orders on Amazon said the book would be ready on April 5th. BUT...I received notification my book will arrive TOMORROW!!  

That means this is OUR official book for April, friends and I'm excited!!

A brief overview of the book mentions, "Keep It Simple" reveals how to create a happy and relaxed home that looks fabulous and works brilliantly for everyone who lives in it."

I encourage you to flip through the pages of the book before purchasing and make sure this is a selection you feel you'll be inspired by. If you decide it looks like your cup of tea...join me in reading it in April.

I took the liberty of trying to find a couple of images to share with you about the design style of Atlanta Bartlett, the interior stylist and author of this book. I found these pictures on Pinterest since the Atlanta Bartlett website didn't seem to be working very well with regards to images. I made the most of the what seem to be really low-quality images being shared around the world-wide web. But you'll get the idea, I'm sure, as to what her decorating style is. Take a peek...

And here's a little bit of information about the interior stylist herself, as mentioned on her website:

Atlanta Bartlett is an interiors stylist well known for her relaxed, accessible style. Having started her career at Homes & Gardens, she became a successful freelance stylist and has worked for magazines including Elle Decoration, Living etc, House & Garden, Harpers & Queen and Marie Claire, as well as contributing to the launch of Red magazine as the Interiors Editor. Her client list includes high profile names such as Habitat, Laura Ashley, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer and she is the author of the internationally best-selling books The Relaxed Home and At Home with WhiteEasy Elegance and Pale and Interesting.


I'm looking forward to the inspiration that awaits!
Speaking of are you doing with the PNPF Book Selection for MARCH?
I've tried a couple of recipes out already with great results.
I'll share pictures in the book review and discussion coming up at the end of March.
I hope you are being inspired as well.

My middle daughter turns 16 on March 16th!! (her golden birthday)
We celebrated with family on Saturday.
I'll be sharing her birthday dessert soon!

In the meantime, we've got new shingles on the roof and it's time to pick an exterior paint color!
I'm having SUCH a hard time deciding.
I've posted some pics on my PNPF Facebook Page but I should totally share some here too so you know what's going on, shouldn't I?

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