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Monday, March 9

Dear Ella...

This world we live in can really "scuff up our boots" and leave us feeling as though we no longer want to dance and twirl with abandon.  My sweet, sweet girl...I pray with all of my heart that you hold onto your innocence, kindness, joy, laughter and selfless love for others with such a tight grip...that no matter never stop dancing and spinning through life.


This girl...
I want to be THIS girl when I grow up.

She has my whole heart...
mostly because she loves life and everyone in it with her whole heart.

These are photos from her special night out with her prince charming to attend the Daddy Daughter Dance a couple of weekends ago.

Ivory Dress - see more details from THIS post
Jean Jacket
Brown Boots
Headband - a make + take from attending Snap Conference last year
Wrist Corsage - made by metutorial coming soon

This post has been sitting for days...
waiting for me to post it.
I really thought it was going to take me longer than it actually did to write what was on my heart.
I love that I was able to keep it pretty simple and still convey my deepest thoughts and wishes.
I've really got an angel on my hands with this little girl.

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