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BOOK CLUB | March Discussion :: Sheet Pan Suppers

Tuesday, March 31

It was a month filled with promise for inspiration in the kitchen!
Did you find it?

I personally tried two recipes from the book:

Bruce's Barbecue Meatloaf & Potatoes - page 119.
I loved the idea of cooking the meatloaf on a cooking rack and letting the juices from the meatloaf drip onto the cooking potatoes below. It turned out yummy although it was a little tricky serving the meatloaf and potatoes at the same time from the pan since the meatloaf made getting to the potatoes kind of tricky. You really need to transfer the meatloaf onto another sheet pan or surface for cutting after baking...which kind of takes away from the whole "one-pan meal concept and easy clean up". But it's still way better than having to use two completely different things to cook the two items separately.

FAMILY FEEDBACK - 3 thumbs up (out of 5)

Lemon-Herb Sole on Crispy Potato Rafts - page 81
I was really excited about the "potato rafts" concept in this recipe. It turned out really good and the family gave me the thumbs up to cook it again. I swapped the Sole for Swai because we already had some in the freezer. It turned out to be super easy to prepare and it looked pretty going in the oven and coming out. My fish fillets were much bigger than the Sole fillets shown in the cookbook so I used more potatoes underneath. (darn - I was really upset to have to do that...not!)

I ended up tweaking the recipe to accommodate our family of 5 - especially because four of our five have adult-size appetites and I didn't want to chance anyone feeling hungry afterwards.

FAMILY FEEDBACK - 4 thumbs up (out of 5)

I, personally, will continue to reference this book.

I still love the idea of easy food prep and for the most part it seems like the recipes are conducive to that. The side dishes are something I will definitely be trying since the two recipes I've already experimented with were full meals.

The one thing I found myself thinking as I scrolled through a lot of the recipes is "I wish these meals were all Whole30 approved". At the same time, I don't think it would take a whole lot of tweaking to make them a little more clean-eating-friendly.

I'd love to hear what recipes you tried and if you found this book to be inspiring.
Let me know because your feedback helps drive the upcoming Book Selections (and the upcoming book giveaways that coincide). *wink*

So will you be participating in April's PNPF Book Club selection with me?
I am SO excited to dive into some home decor inspiration!!

I wasn't sure how I would feel about selecting a cookbook for the PNPF Book Club.
Although I NEEDED inspiration in the kitchen, I found myself WANTING different inspiration; pretty inspiration.
I think that's why I'm really excited about the selection for April!

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