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GIVEAWAY | Keep It Simple Book by Atlanta Bartlett

Friday, March 20

After posting my April book selection for the PNPF Book Club earlier this week, the publishing company, Ryland, Peters + Small reached out to me yesterday to offer up THREE FREE copies of Keep It Simple to my readers and fans. Yay!!!

With that, although I had intended on NOT opening the book until April 1st - the official "start-reading-the-book-date"- I just HAD to with three free copies up for grabs! The quick lookie was so I could take a few photos of the images from inside the pages. (and yes, I love having that as an excuse for a preview). *wink*

I promise I didn't look TOO closely at the pages although I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of captions that caught my eye as I was flipping through. I have to say with conviction this book is going to provide much more inspiration than I had originally anticipated.

If you are looking for ways to simplify your life and your home're really going to want this!

Since the giveaway was a last minute idea, I'm hosting the actual giveaway on Instagram to make it quick and simple. I'll be picking a winner at some point this weekend and making the announcement on Monday. That means if you don't have an IG account, you have time to create one...if you want. Here are quick and easy instructions for creating an Instagram account.

If you are wary of Instagram, I have to tell you it's my very favorite social media site.
I've never been a big fan of Facebook and honestly, Twitter,  for me is "okay" but my experience with Instagram has been really positive. I've found it to be a community of very supportive and positive people and I've discovered some incredibly talented people over there that I'm continually inspired by from simply searching different hashtags. (there really is a rhyme and a reason for those things). *wink*

So...if you want to enter the giveaway, head over to my Instagram account and follow the instructions. 

Oh! And Hey!! 
While you are over there you may as well enter to win the 
$500 GIFT CARD to West Elm. Yep! That's right.
I've teamed up with 6 other Instagram friends to make someone's day!!
The giveaway was announced a few days ago and will end on Tuesday, March 24th!
Just one more reason to create an Instagram account!!

Enjoy your weekend friends!!

I could really use that West Elm gift card myself... *wink*

For those of you wondering...the new shingles are officially on the roof! (and I love them).
Still trying to decide on paint color and I REALLY need to do a blog post about this whole process so I can keep you guys in the loop. Seriously!!

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