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Monday, October 20

Clara, Ella and Emalyn - October 2014

I shot some pretty photos of my girls over the weekend and thought I'd share a peek with you!!

Isn't this field just AWESOME!?  It's the same field I used to shoot Ella's Wildflowers photos and was the perfect spot once again for the sort of dreamy photos I was hoping for. I think I'm going to have to give it an official nickname:  Field of Dreams (or field of dreamy photos at least)

I love the candidness of this particular photo because as a mom…I can see right through the image and see the personalities of each of these VERY different girls.

CLARA has most likely just tripped over something and is laughing at her clumsiness and will probably not even like this photo because her dress was blowing which will make her feel she looks like she's with child. (which she is not…just to be clear). *wink*

ELLA is staring off at the next patch of flowers she can't wait to pick and is happiest surrounded by her sisters...and holding Ema's hand.

EMA is irritated and hates having her photo taken but is trying to make the most of it. She always lightens up though when Clara laughs so I managed to capture a little smirk she probably didn't even know I got.

I love candids vs. posed photographs when it comes to capturing people.
They tell so much about a subject…when the subject doesn't even realize the camera is rolling.

Which leads me to something I probably should've shared years ago...
I actually had a person tell me one time that they don't like how I take photos of people facing away from the camera or where the subject's face is a little obscured. I was a little caught off guard and responded by saying, "Well that's just my photography style…those are the types of photos I prefer." The person's response? "Well you need to change your photography style."

What the what?
Who says stuff like that?
The person was directly attacking my creativity…and ME as a person.
I could NOT believe it.

I think I was in shock and it was almost 5 years ago and it still gets under my skin. But bottom line is this…

I'm not taking photos for THAT person. I'm taking photos for ME…for my home…for MY family, documenting MY life the way I see it and the way I hope to remember it. Were my feelings hurt? Absolutely. Did I change my photography style? A big freaking "Heck No!" But that exuberant "Heck No!" didn't come immediately…to be honest. I second-guessed myself for awhile and sort of got lost in the disapproval of someone that really had no credibility on the subject to begin with.

There WILL be people out there who will find pleasure in attacking you…just because.
Turn away from it. Consider the source. And do everything you can to let it go.

I'm telling you…if someone has ever offended YOU for the way you dress, fix your hair, draw, create, design, write, cook, bake, blog, paint, interpret, decorate, or photograph your subjects...PLEASE don't succumb to the criticism. Differences make the world go around and I prefer to celebrate my unique perspective on things, whatever it is, as opposed to becoming something someone else would have me be or someone I think other people want me to be. I have DONE it. I am 100% guilty of falling into that trap; Probably because I'm a pleaser and want/need the approval of others. (like so many of us do). But I'm telling you…DO NOT give into it. It's NOT a place you want to be. You won't be happy there…I promise you. I know all too well.

Being something other than who you are is NOT authentic. I hope you will celebrate your uniqueness and always follow your heart and your gut…no matter the whispers or occasionally the loud, rude shouts by the crowd.

I will be sharing more photos soon…
so if you happen to agree with the person mentioned above…
and you don't prefer candid photographs either…
that's completely okay with me.
I respect your opinion.
You're allowed to dislike my photography style.
Just be sure to cover your eyes when you visit my blog…
and please don't request that I change it for you.  *wink*

For those who are wondering:
Clara's Dress - American Eagle
Ella's Dress - The Secret Garden
Ema's Floral Tank - Kohl's & Hollister

Hope you've had a great Monday!
Mine has been…weird.
Sort of productive but not nearly as productive as I would've liked. (story of my life)

I'm getting better and better at letting go of the little things…especially the things I can't control.
I will always be a work in progress though.


Tammy...ClothandPatina said...


First your girls are just beautiful as is your work! I am glad that you held your guns, even though I'm sure you wanted to pull them out a few times (and use them) and stayed true to yourself. That is what matters. It is the beauty that you see that attracts others to your work.


Pen + Paper Flowers said...

I LOVE your response Tammy! It's so true…I DID stick to my guns and avoided the temptation of using them too! Ha!! And I love "it is the beauty you see that attracts others to your work." I could totally tell you the same thing because I ADORE your creations…and I can tell they totally come from your heart and soul!! Hugs! Thank you!!

Kelly said...

I love that you use candid photos, Jessica. Like you said they really capture the person in that specific moment and their personality. Your response to that person's comment was very tactful. Not everyone is going to like what you do but how you chose to react was perfect. I agree that these photos are for you. And you choose to share these photos with people. They are beautiful and I love your style. Thank you!


London Serviced Apartments Guy said...

I agree about candids, you always get better photos when the subject is completely relaxed and not affected.

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