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Monday, April 15

I'm officially half way through my Whole30 journey.
So today I'm sharing with you something I've NEVER tried before...
and I want to try these right today. *wink*

 aka "noodles made from fresh zucchini"

Since one of J's biggest cravings during our last 15 days of the Whole30 eating plan has been spaghetti...
I really want to surprise him with a plate of spaghetti and meatballs - Whole30 compliant - of course.
I keep hearing how wonderful these are as a replacement for regular noodles - so why not try them?

I just ordered this Julienne Peeler which apparently allows you to whip up
some zoodles in no time flat - and is a super affordable kitchen gadget. (around $10-$15).

Once I've got my new julienne peeler, I'll be trying out this delightful dish too...

Eliminate the feta to keep it Whole30 compliant...otherwise everything else is a go.

If you've got a favorite recipe using zoodles - please share!
And if you've experienced Whole30 - let me know how you did.
What were your personal results?

I can tell you I've had some really frustrating days.
I haven't seen results like J has already been seeing.
But the one thing I HAVE noticed?
No more REAL cravings anymore.

I'm not saying I completely ignored the cookies at Jason's Deli with my mom this weekend.
I actually honed in on them and thought, "Wow! Those are big, delicious-looking cookies".
But, there wasn't my normal feeling of "I've absolutely got to devour those this instant".

And I may have even glanced longingly at the beautiful bread on the Pastrami sandwich my mom ordered.
those moments of longing were fleeting.
I got the salad bar, ordered a side of grilled chicken (whole30 approved) and felt perfectly satisfied at the end of my meal. 
I didn't feel cheated or deprived - or bloated and gross.
So I'm very proud of myself.

I was also surrounded by chips and dips and lots of other temptations at the poolside barbecue we went to yesterday.
But J and I were perfectly satisfied with the steaks we brought for grilling...
and the steamed cauliflower and fresh veggies we showed up with to accommodate our protein source.
It's getting easier...
and I take it day by day!

Thank you Cooley family for having us over yesterday - we had a great time!!

I hope you are enjoying the last two Recipe Radar posts!
They are most certainly a change from my sugary sweet desserts I typically post...
but I think the Kale Blueberry Ice Cream from last week...
and today's Zoodles are both a reFRESHing choice to add to your menu - which makes them perfect for Spring!!

I've got lots of craft ideas I've been prepping to share with you...
Hopefully the workload in the design shoppe will slow down a bit so I can actually photograph things and get them posted for you.

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