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Friday, April 26

Last week...
I announced a spontaneous giveaway on Instagram...
which linked to my Facebook Fan Page.

The giveaway was for a set of these...

{Reusable} Pretty Party Skewers
A brand-new item I've worked with my manufacturer to create and will be launching soon!

I asked for some creative feedback as to the different ways these NEW Pretty Party Skewers could be used.
I had intended on choosing 3 winners on Instagram...
but I was having so much fun with the feedback...
I decided to select 3 additional winners from my Facebook Fan Page.
And now...
I would absolutely love to send a FREE set of Party Skewers to 3 of my blog readers.

All you have to do is leave me some feedback on the different ways you would use these.
I'll randomly choose 3 people. That's it! Pretty simple.

I do ask that you be a SUBSCRIBED reader to my blog.
Haven't done that yet? CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

Now...take a peek at just a few ways you can use these beautiful, lucite party skewers!
(Click READ MORE below to continue reading)

Strawberry Fruit Kabobs

Banana Popsicles
Freeze the bananas for a quick grab n' go healthy treat - for yourself or the kids!

Strawberry & Banana Fruit Kabob
Don't forget the cute paper tag to add a pop of additional color.

The breakfast kabob I made for Ella's breakfast the other morning.
Quick and easy but so much more fun to eat!

These lucite Party Skewers are so versatile!!
I envision these adorning my future Dessert Tables...
and dessert tables everywhere...
+Amy Atlas+Jennifer Sbranti+Kim Stoegbauer+Style Me Pretty - I hope you are listening! *wink*

I stuck with fruit to showcase on the blog today...
(still have 4 days on the Whole30 Challenge I've been doing, so no sweets in the house.)
But you can use them for any sweet-treat-on-a-stick!!

You can also creatively display shrimp, cherry tomatoes, cheese and bite sized appetizers.

- Hot glue decorative elements on them and then peel them off for reuse.
- Wrap washi tape or string around the top of the skewer for a splash of color.
- Dip one end in craft paint to match your event. Wash in warm water to remove after use.
- They make GREAT hostess gifts!

- 6" in length - for now! Looking for feedback from all of you to see if you want them available in longer lengths.
- Available in sets of 12.
- Reuseable! Hand Wash in warm water and they are ready for your next celebration!
- They are clear - making them adaptable for any color scheme.
- Lucite/Acrylic adds instant elegance to any occasion.
- The flat end has been buffed to make for a nice finish. (I'll share more detailed photos in future blog posts).
- Leftover sticky residue from decorative tape can be easily removed with warm water. Use "Goo Gone" for fussier residue.
- Dishwasher safe - Hand-washing Recommended
- Proudly Manufactured here in the United States!

- Cake Pops - Sara
- Strawberry Shortcake Skewers with a bow tied at the top - Amelia
- Gummy Candies - Allison
- Strawberries, Marshmallows & Grapes - Pamela
- Dip in juice and then raw sugar. Add fruit and use as a drink stirrer. - Antondria
- Swizzle stick with a glittery flag for your mocktail - Joanne
- For displaying cake topper bunting - Ashley
- Chopsticks - Melissa
- Magic Wands - Suzanne
- Fruit Fondue - Gena
- Rainbow Fruit Kabobs - Patricia
- Shrimp Kabobs - Patricia
- Peanut Butter Ball Kabobs - Theresa
- Felt flowers and pom poms to make a flower arrangement - clutterkeeper
- Fruit kabobs displayed in a watermelon - shawniefresh
- Donut cake toppers - notjustamommyblog
- Hair Pins for creating updos in a cinch- Aedriel

The Pretty Party Skewers are not yet "officially" for sale.
I've unveiled them here on the blog TODAY!*wink*
Feel special?

Well now you can feel even more special because...
Along with selecting 3 winners to receive a FREE SET of 12 Pretty Party Skewers...
I'm offering pre-order pricing here on the blog!!

Enjoy the pre-order price by purchasing before the official launch in May!
(This product will ship May 31st or sooner)


If you just aren't the patient-type and don't want to wait to see if you are one of the three lucky winners I'll be choosing...
go ahead and purchase yours at the discounted price.

Otherwise, I'll announce the 3 winners based on the creative ideas/comments you leave here on the blog.
Watch for the winners to be announced next week!

I hope you are excited about this new item!
I'm hoping by announcing this...
it bides more time for the other manufacturer I'm working with to get his act together with regards to the NEW Pastry Pedestal platforms I've been waiting on. Like FOREVER!!
The design of the platforms has been approved.
The pricing has been negotiated.
All I need to do is photograph them for you and get them posted!
I can't generate excitement about them if you can't see them in all their beautiful glory! Ha!

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