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iNSPiRE | Promise Me - March Surprise Winner

Tuesday, April 23

I know...
slap me on the wrist.

I'm late on announcing the person I've selected to send the Monthly Promise Me Surprise to...
and here it is almost the end of April! Sheesh!

The winner for March is going to receive one of my most treasured things...
something I've actually mentioned and given away here on my blog before. See this post.

It's a book that I continually reference for inspiration...
It's powerful...
it's motivating...
it's empowering...
and it's simple.

As I'm picking the "Promise Me" Monthly Surprises...
I really try to find things I personally would love to receive...
Click the "Read More" button below

This book has been an all-time favorite of mine for years and it's something I never tire of.

"SHE went out on a limb, had it break off behind her, and discovered SHE could fly"

"SHE listened to her heart above all the other voices"

"SHE made the world a better place"

I chose the Surprise Winner for March based solely on the inspiration she's been sharing through her updates
about her accomplishments! And trust me...she's been a busy girl making the world a better place!!

Are you ready to find out the winner?

Congratulations Phyllis!
You are doing an amazing job at keeping your promises!!
You've certainly inspired me through your journey - THANK YOU!!
(send me your address via email so I can get it to you asap)!!

Those of you who want to know more about the "Promise ME" journey we've been on since February 1st...GO HERE!
Those of you who are participating...don't forget to check in on our Promise ME page by leaving a comment.

Follow us on our PROMISE ME Pinterest Board to see what's keeping us inspired!

Make it a beautiful day...

I've been so incredibly busy lately I haven't been able to full-focus on my "Promise Me" list.
I'm excited to kick things up a notch and get going on my own personal promises!!
Looking forward to sharing with you!!

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