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thanksgiving 2009

Saturday, November 28

what a day.
what a BEAUTIFUL day.
clear skies & sunshine.
high's in the low 70's.

first...the pumpkin cupcakes i made...
inspired by (see this post).

ella riding "junebug"
ema at ella's side and kalie holding junebug steady.
yes...i was very nervous when i realized susan had put ella on the horse.
i mean look how little ella is compared to how monstrous the horse is...

but she looked so darn cute up in the saddle. doesn't she?
one handed...what's up with that? like she's been riding her whole life! *wink*

the only picture i got of ema all day.
she was mad. she did NOT want her picture taken.
she wanted to be doing what clara was doing...

this is what clara was doing.
she recently learned to canter with junebug and now that's all she thinks about.
and this was my only picture of clara all day...

ella playing "peek-a-boo"

one-handed "peek-a-boo"
her other hand was occupied with the dog toy she was carrying.

holly & madison
lovin' madi's lips!

todd, chrystal, cody & cooper

ron & wendy

susan, dan, nate, kalie & beau
(& the canines...cutter & bruiser)

my fave picture of the day...

no pictures of me or j this year.
nonetheless, we had a nice day out at susan and dan's.
we appreciate them hosting the thanksgiving dinner this year.
lots of good food and good company.

i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend as well - with your friends/family/loved ones.


1 comment:

Tammy said...

These are awesome pics! What kind of camera took these?

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