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my new best friend...

Thursday, November 19


remember me mentioning the incredibly talented kim, over at thetomkatstudio? she's the inspiration behind the design of the dessert table place cards & tags on the favor boxes for ella's birthday party!

let me tell you.
she totally flattered me yesterday by posting ella scarlet's 1st birthday party on her blog! (go read it...) she had such wonderful things to say i was "cyber blushing". it was SUCH a big compliment considering i ADORE what this girl can do. i stumbled across her site awhile back & she's not only got a beautiful blog to visit with lots of inspiration and ideas...but she's also got THIS etsy site where you can purchase & download her super cute, super fresh & super fun party goods.

like this adorable gift tag from her new holiday collection


you've GOT to go check her out. her things make you WANT to throw a party...just because. it's all SUCH delicious eye candy.

so THANK YOU kim... if we lived close to each other...we'd be doing lunches together frequently! *wink*
and thanks to all of you for the sweet comments and positive feedback that have filled my blog and twitter page over the past 2 days. YOU girls know how to make THIS girl feel really good. *wink*

working on posting some "how did she do that?" tutorials over the next couple of days. i've gotten lots of different questions about different elements of the party and i'm more than willing to share all of the details.

hold tight.
enjoy your thursday.

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