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final preparations...

Thursday, November 12

thanks to my two wonderful older daughters...(and the fact that they were out of school yesterday in honor of veteran's day)...the final preparations for ella's party on saturday are coming together.


although all of the baked goods are coming from sweet things emporium, i decided to go ahead and make mini sugar cookies to help tie in all of the birthday a "final touch", so-to-speak.

so, clara made the dough and then both her & em worked on rolling it out and cutting out the cookies. they did a fantabulous job! seriously. all i had to do was bake the cookies!

along with the cookies, the girls and i finished assembling the cupcake boxes, picked up the table i'm borrowing from my mom, sealed the cake topper and did a "mock set-up" of the table. i also washed all of the "vessels" ( i feel so "amy atlas-ish" when i use that word..."vessel"). *smirking*

now...i'm off to collect more fabric, ribbon, meringue powder, food coloring, tissue paper, wooden dowels and an apron.

it's coming together so nicely. i'm really excited.
more importantly, i'm "enjoying the process".

i MUST give some props to the in-laws who flew in on tuesday. they took little ella scarlet for the entire day yesterday and she's with them again today. NICE. it's amazing how much more i can get done. *wink*

love and cyber hugs to all of you...


Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

I have checked out your birthday pictures and they are just lovely. I absolutely adore the family picture of you and your girls...there is something so sweet about it. Congratulations on such a beautiful party. These tiny sugar cookies are just absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen...I love the polka dots. Would you mind sharing the frosting recipe and how you did the polka dots?

Unknown said...

anita & anyone else who may be curious...the frosting recipe is a royal icing. there's a great one on the "sweetopia" site. ( royal icing is a little tricky to work with - as far as getting the right consistency but it's LOTS of fun to work with. for the polka dots i used a tee-tiny tip - #1 i believe and added the dots soon after the main color icing was put on. again, sweetopia offers wonderful tutorials and "how-to's" and her cookies are A.Mazing. be sure to let me know you got this via my blog. otherwise i'll hop on over and leave a comment on your own blog.

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