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close your eyes...

Monday, November 2

that's right...close your eyes if you are completely "over" halloween...
because i've got our weekend recap...neatly packaged & grouped together...

remember my post on friday about the cakepops i'd been making for ema's class?
well, along with those cute polka dotted "pumpkins", (which by the way... i'll spare the details at how i ended up with the polka dotted pumpkins...let's just say it initially began with some very hideous looking jack-o-lanterns.. *laughing*), i also made a batch of these little ghosts. (two versions...standing ghosts and "sitting" ghosts). *wink*

and then here are the pumpkins the girls carved this year.
ema did the bat and clara did the ghost...

note to self: buy the pumpkins one week before halloween but don't carve them until the night before halloween...unless you WANT rotten pumpkins at the door to scare away trick-or-treaters...)

and then here are this year's costumes...

clara was a "candy corn witch" (she felt all "cute"...and she was).
ema was a "pumpkin-faced scary monster" (she was getting frustrated that little kids were so scared of her - and that most people kept calling her a him)???
& ella was a hot air balloon. (she pretty much stole the show as we strolled through the neighborhood streets).

and then there was food...

the menu consisted of chicken fingers, freaky fries, devilish dipping sauces, creepy cookies, mummy dogs, & sinister sodas. (no nutritional value what-so-ever - because that's just what they needed before they filled themselves up with halloween candy...right?) *wink*

i picked up two more yard stakes at target that went perfectly with the "stop in for a spell..." sign i already had. i cannot get enough of the black & creme mix in decor. LOVE it.

overall, saturday was a FULL day. i was up at 5:30a.m. to get going on everything that needed to be finished/done before we had some friends over @ 6:00p.m.

i could NOT have done it all without everyone's help. seriously! between everything j did - and it was A LOT - and all of the help the girls gave with ella's costume, cleaning and food was heaven to have that much help! and it turned out to be a great night for everyone. even little ella...she LOVED being in that hot air balloon basket...aka stroller.

i'm officially moving on from halloween...i just HAD to document the details.
onto thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Lianne Barr said...

I love ella's costume. And I bet she was comfortable too. How many babies look miserable in their costume's on Halloween!

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