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so behind...

Thursday, November 5

behind in posts.
behind in my little ella's birthday preps.
behind in everything.

all because of a little bug.

i WILL give you a peek into the things i've been able to work on, (all at a snail's pace mind you). and it took everything i had to muster up the energy to get through:

i did a photo shoot with this beautiful family over the weekend...


and i did another photo shoot earlier that day - a quick one...for this brand-new handsome little guy...


in other news, i celebrated a birthday on tuesday.
i couldn't enjoy it though.
i was fighting that little bug.
i didn't even get to sample a piece of the peanut butter silk pie j picked up especially for me.
in fact, i'm still eating crackers and sipping ginger ale. *grumbling*

so behind in ella's birthday preps.
but i'm not giving up.
i must get to the artisan bakery TODAY.
she's making me macarons & possibly some petit fours and truffles.
for ella's birthday party.

hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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