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what do you get when....

Tuesday, July 14

what do you get when you take an innocent 8 month old and pair it with a couple of older sisters who have a couple of build-a-bears?
you get this....

yes...this is ella. and yes, this is a bikini belonging to clara's build-a-bear stuffed animal. i, personally, thought it was cute. dad didn't think it was so cute. the girls thought it was soooo funny - & honestly, the fact that she could wear it and look A.D. orable in it just cracks me up.

*you should see the video i took of ella after the girls strapped a pair of build-a-bear roller skates on her & were skating her around the house. (oh my)!

ella will have a 2 week reprieve from her older sisters...although she doesn't need one...despite the build-a-bear experience. she loves clara & ema to pieces. the older girls are on a 2-week vacation with their grandma & grandpa kirkland...they are flying out of orlando tomorrow and won't return until the 29th. they will be visiting palmyra, nauvoo & missouri. this will be the first time they've been away for that long & not been under the supervision/care of either myself or their dad. i will miss them terribly. however, i know they are going to enjoy this experience & it will be something they will treasure and remember forever.

while the girls are away, j & i will be visiting grandma & grandpa illinois. we leave on thursday evening & will return on monday night. i must say, they are quite excited to have us for a visit. we've received emails regarding the itinerary to expect during our stay! i'm excited and look forward to lots of fresh vegetables from the garden, visiting with family, baking with debbie and introducing little ella to everyone. they are going to gobble her up.

it's late - i must catch some zzzz's. i couldn't put off posting any longer - (i'd had those pictures of ella for about 4 days now & have been too busy to post them).'s to a good night's sleep.....good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! xxoxxo

1 comment:

Angela said...

oh my goodness - too precious for words. that is an actual build-a-bear outfit?! i love it. she's so yummy i want to gobble her up (along with that apple pie in 4th of july post).

have a great trip to illinois. i'll look forward to seeing photos when you return.

xo angie

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