Tuesday, March 3

FREE | Spread Joy In Life with An Icing Knife :: The Cake Blog

I just love this "sweet" reminder to "Spread joy in life with an icing knife" I designed for The Cake Blog this month! It's soooo perfect for all you "Bakeristas" out there!! *wink*

It's a FREE DOWNLOAD so pop on over there and get yours today!!

While you are over there...be inspired by my all-time-favorite Spring cake ever: Speckled Easter Cake - designed and created by Carrie from The Cake Blog!

It's sooooo incredibly adorable! I LOVE it!! And I think I should totally make it!! *wink*

I think this "Spread Joy" art print is my favorite so far, since I started designing kitchen art prints for The Cake Blog last Fall. Do I say that every month with each new design I make?!  I guess that's a good thing! *wink*


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