Thursday, January 7

you don't see this everyday...

in florida, you don't see this ANY day....
but this is what we woke up to...

can you believe it?
"florida snowflakes"
that's what i'm calling them anyway. *wink*
beautifully collected all over my wind shield.
aren't they beautiful?
so delicate.
so tiny.
so perfect.
so amazing...really.
when i got in the truck with em to take her to school we were mesmerized by them as we sat shivering in the truck...

so...with such a unique experience...
we just HAD to take pictures with my phone.
yes...these are pictures from my phone!?
"straight-out-of-the-phone-perfection"...wouldn't you agree?
pretty good, right?
totally unrehearsed.
totally perfect.

so call them what you want.
and if they aren't really snowflakes then shhhh....don't tell me or ema. *wink*

i think they're beautiful.
what a magical way to start our day together.

pssst....there's a rumor there may be snow flurries tomorrow morning....GET. OUT.

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