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STYLING | Touches of Spring with a Simple Wreath Refresh

Friday, February 22

It was 85º here in Florida yesterday...and today isn't looking much different.
So...I'd say it's completely appropriate to go ahead and share some simple "Spring" touches I made in our master bedroom yesterday.

I did a quick refresh starting with adding some simple greenery to my rustic, sparse, winter-ish and otherwise simple grapevine wreath.

I didn't use any tools...just the built-in "harnesses" (aka braids + twists of the grapevine wreath) to secure the green garland.

I used two 6ft. long faux greenery garlands - actually, the same two I used to create my Thanksgiving table garland and my Christmas table garland, and I just tucked the longer ends of each in-between and through the grapevine. Thats' it. And it took me less than 10 minutes to do...maybe even only 5 minutes.

Talk about versatile. The grapevine wreath is one of my favorite multi-seasonal decorative items and now I love that I've been able to move these garlands to various places of my home and for a variety of seasons.

After I made the wreath I was then inspired to make up my bed using a really pretty mix of my Georgina Anthropologie bedding and a new Bamboo Turkish Bedspread from Thimble + Cloth. 

I then added this simple marble tray filled with some of my favorite things - a stack of green vintage books, a handmade tassel from my friend Pamela at August + May Design Company and an adorable handmade pinch pot from Black Oak Art filled with more faux greenery. I'm thinking a live maidenhair fern would look exceptionally pretty in this spot too.

As much as I loved the simplicity of it I was still wanting to add a little more warmth and "cozy" to the bed. Adding a blanket was my first thought but I ultimately decided to use this Turkish Peshtemal from Thimble + Cloth instead.

The peshtemal is technically a lightweight, absorbent towel but I knew it would create the Spring-vibe I was going for vs. using any of the standard blankets I had laying around. *wink*

I think it worked like a charm.
Are you inspired to start adding some simple Spring touches to your home too?
A few minutes or your time and creativity can make such a big difference, am I right?

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Jay continues to remove my gorgeous Georgina duvet cover because of the current duvet insert I makes him too hot. 

I purchased the Bamboo Turkish Bedspread from Thimble + Cloth as a quick fix but I'm currently looking for some new bedding and linens to make our bed extra super cozy and inviting (but simple + timeless), and without the "heat" factor.  Check out my some of my recent pins to see the vibe I'm going for.

If you have any affordable suggestions, please send them my way!!

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