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My Word of the Year for 2019

Saturday, February 2

Res • cue /'reskyōō/ verb - to find, save, recover; to set free from, deliver, to liberate; 

Well there she all of her glory.
RESCUE... the word (and symbol +) I've chosen for 2019.

I plan to rescue ME...
which makes me the rescuer AND the rescuee.

If you remember, last year I chose the word "FREE".
Even a year ago I had this underlying desire to "rediscover, unbury and reconnect
with the girl I once was." The primary emphasis being on my health.

Ironically, I even used the word "rescue" a year ago when I said, "I am running fiercely to meet her; to grab her hand and continue the journey together...I'm sprinting through the wide open prairie to wear she is standing and has been waiting for me to return. And I know when I reach her...I will not have rescued her...she will have rescued me."

With much disappointment in my heart to have to admit this...she's still waiting for me my friends.

So yeah...I started January feeling so much disappointment because although I made some progress in 2018 with regards to my health, it's not even close to what I envisioned "FREE" to look like or better yet...feel like.

But...I can tell you after spending the entire first month of 2019 "planning, dreaming, diving into what really matters to me this year and especially what steps I need to take to make important things happen" I have definitely felt a shift.

Instead of allowing myself to be stuck in disappointment, I've adopted this mindset I recently wrote during some brainstorming/journaling:

"...maybe what I need to do is surrender to the place I am at right now. Perhaps let go of the unmet expectations and the failures related to my health. And just start where I am at. Let go of what worked or what didn't work and just listen to my body. And start exactly where I ugly or as messy as I believe it to be."

Besides, remember the Reflect + Release post when I said, "We feel all the feels, we reflect on the progress or lack thereof and then...we close the chapter with gratitude."

Today I am grateful for...
- the self-care steps I implemented in 2018.
- the things I learned and tried that did not work well for me.
- the hope and expectation I feel for 2019.
- the renewed commitment to becoming a better version of me.

The word "RESCUE" has a sense of urgency associated with it.
And that's exactly how I'm feeling about tackling what's ahead for me.

I'm on a "Rescue Mission" my friends...a "Search + Rescue" specifically.
Aside from writing the rescue symbol (+) on my wrist every morning as a part of my new morning routine, I've been using some other tools to help me carry out my rescue plan this year. I'm excited to be sharing those with you soon.

What's your word for 2019? I'd love to know what's inspiring you and what goals you are looking to reach this year!!

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I've got about 50 Hershey products to photograph and style and I'm definitely feeling a tremendous
amount of pressure to meet a January 8th deadline. (it's a working weekend for me my friends).

Good news is...I vowed "no sugar" in January despite the daily temptations of the chocolate I'm surrounded by...and I DID it!! I stuck to my promise.  It's amazing how powerful the "+" symbol I've been writing on my wrist has been. *wink*

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