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GIFT IDEA | Valentine's Day Lindt Bar Wrappers

Monday, February 11

A few weeks ago I took a poll in my Instagram stories asking for feedback on some custom Valentine's Day candy bar labels for Lindt's footlong candy bar I recently came across.

I loved the feedback I received...there were so many fun responses.
I ended up combining similar answers and the majority of responses that came through to create 11 different FREE WRAPPERS/LABELS for you to print and use as gifts + treats for Valentine's Day!

The selections include candy bar wrappers for teachers, principals, besties, coaches, friends, and more.

I found these GIANT FOOT-LONG Lindt Bars in my local grocery store for $5.99 - just happened to pass by them one day!! 

They really make a statement and the custom labels help to make them extra special + personalized to gift to the people you love!

I'm taking things a step further and gifting the chocolate bars to all three of my girls along with one of these ADORABLE + super soft stuffed animals that are filled with organic french lavender.

Have you seen these?  These cuties are so snuggly and weigh about 2-3 pounds and can also be heated up in the microwave for some added warmth for cuddle time.

This sweet puppy is for Ella but Ema is getting this adorable Koala Bear and Clara's puppy is sold out but here is one that's similar. a mama who has struggled with anxiety issues my entire life and having two daughters that struggle as well...these are SUCH a perfect gift. The lavender creates calm, the heaviness of the animal creates security and the softness gives comfort. 

I love them so much I want to get one for myself. *wink*

So, whether you decide to just stick with the chocolate bars...
or add in a plush stuffed animal...
I really hope you're inspired to try at least one of these options.

You could even save the stuffed animal idea for EASTER!!!

Here's all you need to make the Customized Candy Bars Labels...

1 - Valentine's Day Lindt Bar Candy Bar Wrapper
1 - sheet of 8.5x11" white card stock
1 - 10.6 oz. Lindt Chocolate Bar <--- this link is from Amazon but I found mine for $5.99 at Publix
Clear Tape to secure wrapper on back
Ribbon (optional)

1. Print Candy Bar Wrapper onto 8.5x11" white card stock.
2. Wrap around candy bar and secure with tape.
3. Crease edges for a nice finish.
4. Add a ribbon if you'd like to jazz it up a bit.

TIP: If you don't like the gold outer packaging unwrap it to find a plain silver foil wrapped candy bar inside.

Love you friends!!

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There are soooo many different adorable plush stuffed animals to choose from I really don't know which one to pick for myself. Ha!! It took me forever to pick out the ones for the girls.

And honestly, Clara picked out a pink elephant at first and then traded it for the puppy because the elephant nose was a little awkward to snuggle with. (I didn't tell her what i was getting, I just gave her a few "stuffed animal" options to choose from and then when she realized what it was for she chose something she could really get cozied up to). *wink*

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