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Friday, April 5

Have some goals you're trying to accomplish?
Well this easy-to-track daily goal checker might just be the thing you are looking for.

• Decide on a daily habit you want to create.
  (ie., 50 pushups/day, 8 glasses of water, read, compliment your spouse, write down something you're
  grateful for on a daily basis...whatever it is you want/need to do.)
• Write it down on this tracker.
• Commit to doing it every day for 100 days in a row.
• Color in a circle every day to celebrate your achievement. (or just "x", "check" or mark the circles)
• Watch your circles fill up as you make your way to your goal.

That's it.

Commit. Keep track. Kick butt.

I created this the other day, inspired by the one Elise Joy created, after more than a month of debilitating pain associated with my piriformis muscle. (I've been sharing on Instagram - you can get caught up over there in my story bubble called PT)

I would have just used the Elise Joy sheet but it kept printing wonky so out of frustration I just created my own.

The physical limitations + excruciating pain has been ongoing since mid-February and needless to say I was feeling pretty defeated.

But then I remembered something Jay says to me all of the time:
"Control the controllables".

I changed my attitude right then and there and decided if I can't exercise and do the physical things I had planned to help me reach my health goals this year...
I can certainly be in charge of what I put in my body...right?

I really just wanted an easy way to track my progress and thought the bubble sheet concept from Elise Joy was brilliant.

If you're feeling inspired to use it to help you with your own goals...
grab the FREE 100 Days Habit Tracker .pdf file right here and print it out!

Here's to making big changes my friends...

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Yes...for my new habit...I chose to drink celery juice every morning for 100 days.
Haven't heard about celery juice yet?
I've been sharing all about it and the new juicer I got over on my Instagram Feed.

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