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STYLE | Spring Confectionery Boards

Saturday, April 6

Look at this gorgeous "Fresh Spring Confectionery Board" you guys!!
Remember the Valentine's Day confectionery board (aka charcuterie-style sweets board) I did?
And remember how easy I said it was? And how I mentioned it was really fun to create?

Well what I didn't tell you is that I love them soooo much...I was already scheming + dreaming of ways to create one for the Spring + Easter season. And this week I finally made it happen!!

I spent one afternoon creating 5 different variations of the same Confectionery Board - using the same sweets - just swapping out the floral details and little add-ins.

It's amazing how different each one of them looks with such simple changes.

These boards are perfect for intimate gatherings, family celebrations, baby showers, wedding showers, and there's even one I created to be "work environment-friendly".

I even named each of the spring confectionery boards based on the vibe they were giving.

So...sit back...enjoy...and let's get this "sweets board" inspiration party started...

Simplicity at its best with the use of greenery and a subtle touch of white florals.

A whisper of blush pinks adds simple + sweet charm through the thoughtfully placed florals and treats.

The addition of mini clay pots instantly gives this one a spring garden vibe! 

Foiled Easter candy favorites makes this board fun for the kids + is office environment-friendly

No foil-wrapped candies here...just pretty colors of spring using pastel grab-and-go candies + treats.

So there you go...
5 different Spring inspired confectionery boards...
all using essentially the same sweets + treats.

They are so easy to put together but really do have a "wow" factor to them.
I'd love to know which one was your favorite?
I'm not sure I can decide on a favorite...
BUT...if you twisted my arm and made me pick one...I'd go with the "Fresh Spring"...and then the "Sweet Spring"...and then... *wink*

I'm so hoping today's post proves to you just how easy they are to assemble and then ultimately inspires you to try one of your own!

Happy Spring everyone!
Love you guys!
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Reese's Peanut Butter Creme 3D Eggs
Cadbury Classic Eggs
Cadbury Caramel Eggs
Cadbury Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs
Cadbury Milk Chocolate Shimmer Mini Eggs
Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins
Reese's Pieces PB cup minis
Gourmet Jelly Beans
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Eggs - foiled
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Eggs - pastel candy coating
Almond Joy + Mounds Easter Snack Size Assortment (could not find the Easter ones to link them)
Reese's foiled PB Eggs
Walkers Shortbread Cookies
Crispy Cookies filled with Belgian Chocolate
Butter Waffle Cookies
Mini Clay Pots
White Marble Tray
Decorative Carrots - Echo Home Furnishing - local shop
Ceramic White Bunny - Tuesday Morning
Small Bowls - Two Sparrows - local shop
Florals + Greenery (including moss) were all from Trader Joe's

I really think this whole "confectionery boards" thing could take off you guys!
I can see these at weddings and all sorts of celebrations.
If we can come up with a way to ship or deliver fun would that business be? *wink*
And if you start seeing these all over the place...remember where you saw them first. *grin*

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