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CELEBRATE | Ella's Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party

Monday, March 31

I am beyond excited to finally be sharing Ella’s Rainbow Unicorn Party today.
It was an exclusive feature on HWTM last week which now allows me to post freely all of the photos and details here on the blog! Yay! 

Ella started dreaming of a Rainbow Unicorn Party months before her big day. When I asked her what kind of party she’d like to have I shouldn’t have been surprised
by her response. She loves Princess Celestia from My Little Pony® and at the time she was obsessed with drawing rainbows and coloring everything using rainbow colors. I wasn’t thrilled with her choice at first, to be quite honest. I just wasn’t sure how to pull off a theme that had the propensity to be “tacky” if I wasn’t careful. Ha!  It was then that I allowed Ella’s birthday theme wishes to rekindle my own love for rainbows and unicorns. I had forgotten how much I too loved them both when I was a young child so I just let go of my apprehensions and went with it. Once the invitation was designed everything else just seemed to fall into place.



THE PASTRY STUDIO - The Rainbow Surprise Birthday cake from Sherri at The Pastry Studio was a showstopper. I had been dreaming of using this local pastry shop for some time and although J had to drive an hour away to pick it up on the morning of the party…every little crumb and beautiful pastel cake layer was worth it. LOVED it!

CUPCAKE DELIGHTS - It's not a party without cupcakes! Judy from Cupcake Delights baked up some beautiful chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting to match the birthday cake. If you don't know, Judy's cupcakes are Ella's absolute favorite cupcakes in the world. She refuses to eat any other cupcakes. I love the way they are displayed using The Pastry Pedestals and the new platforms too! Don't you?

FLOURISH SWEET SHOP - The amazing "Paint-by-Party" sugar cookies created by Lisa, from Flourish Sweet Shop, were so adorable. The kids LOVED painting the custom designed cookies with edible ink and I loved that they doubled as a party activity as well as a party favor. See all of the cookie details RIGHT HERE!!

SWEETWORKS - The beautiful pastel pearlized gum balls, sixlets and candies used on the dessert table as well as part of the party favors were provided by Sweetworks - an amazing online candy source.  I was thrilled to have the pastel colors match perfectly with the color scheme of the party. And the gumballs added to The Pasty Pedestals holding the cupcakes were so fun to use and were the perfect touch.

Stay tuned because this week is dedicated to all things Rainbow Unicorn.
I'll be sharing more specifics about some of the party details starting with the "Paint-by-Party" cookies. I'll also be sharing the recipe for the Chocolate Crinkle cookies, the how-to for the The Pastry Pedestals the cupcake trays and the DIY for the rainbow gumball bracelets the girls made at the party!


– Invitation, Thank You Cards & Paper Party Accessories: Pen + Paper Flowers

– Stuffed Animal Unicorns: U.S. Toy

– Shimmer Gumballs: Sweetworks

– Lucite Food Labels: The Pastry Pedestal

– Rainbow Tissue Tassels: The TomKat Studio

– Shimmer Candy Hearts, Shimmer Sixlets & Shimmer Pearls: Sweetworks
– Cupcake Trays: The Pastry Pedestal

– Cupcake Stands: The Pastry Pedestal

– Polka Dot Washi Tape: Doodle Bug Design

– Cupcakes: Cupcake Delights

– Paint-by-Party Rainbow Cookies: Flourish Sweet Shop

– Polka Dot Napkins: The TomKat Studio

– Photography: Pen + Paper Flowers

– Rainbow Colored Plastic Spoons: The TomKat Studio

– Ella's Rainbow Polka Dot Dress: KK Children Designs (see more pics here)

– Bounce House Rental: Grand Rental Station

I had originally planned to have the dessert table outside in the backyard in close proximity to the bounce house we rented and Ella's swing set. (along with keeping all of the party guests outside). The weather had other plans though. Would you believe it literally rained ALL. DAY. LONG. (and then of course it stopped about 20 or 30 minutes after the party guests went home). No thunder and lightening and not a heavy downpour...just a constant, good drizzle. The kids were soaked to the bone running back and forth out to the bounce house.  Looking at the back porch you would’ve thought we’d had a pool party...sopping wet towels all over the place and wet footprints everywhere. Ha!  We even had an unexpected small disaster after the girls made gumball bracelets. They wanted to wear them of course, but when they ran back out in the rain to the wet bounce house…the colors started melting off the gumballs and onto their hands. Oops! Redo!


Sheila sokol said...

Our Savannah had such a wonderful time.! She thinks the world of Ella and we always look forward to new themes. You have the most incredible creative talent!!

Glory said...

Such a gorgeous party Jessica!!

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