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Friday, March 7

How about a cute little project to work on this weekend? It's so easy…I promise!
I'm sharing this super adorable FREE printable "Kiss Me" banner over on SNAP! today!
I designed it to work for St. Patty's Day and beyond…(think engagement photo shoot and anniversary celebrations too!)

I really think you'll love the versatility of it along with the simple ideas I'm sharing for adding pops of color to go with your specific celebration!

Hop on over there to download it and you'll be on your way to creating something fun this weekend!

I've been working on the same blog post for about 3 days now.
I'm not even kidding.
It's a post about what an average day of mine looks like…in timeline format.
Working on it has really opened my eyes to just how little my "work window" is every day.
I knew it was small but I didn't realize how very small. It's no wonder I'm not getting anything done around here! Ha!
You really should be following my Instagram feed in order to see what I've got going on behind the scenes…since I obviously can't find the time to post more details here on the blog! *blushing*

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