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Monday, March 3

I've been doing a bit more of this lately… investing time in the people I love.
Library visits and field trips with Ella…
Saturday lunches with Clara…
and some occasional outside time with Ema.

Inspired by my desire to find ways to stay connected to what matters most, I bought a book called Hands Free Mama. It's all about finding ways to "unplug" from the devices that seem to be glued to our hips, purses, hands, eyes…you get what I mean…and instead, being engaged in what matters most - our LIFE! (and of course, the lives of those we love).

My efforts are not perfect by any means. Nor do I think they are supposed to be.

One night after dinner, Ema asked if I would come outside with her and Ella to toss the ball around.
I, however, was exhausted and did NOT want to do anything after having made dinner and was just finishing the dishes. After telling her "No…I'm too tired" and watching her and Ella head outside disappointed I was overcome with guilt. Excerpts from the Hands Free Mama book flashed through my brain so I changed my mind and surprised them by showing up in the backyard ready to "play".

Ema had the baseball gloves ready and challenged me to a friendly competition while Ella was swinging.
Em likes to throw a racquetball against the side of the house and catch it so she thought it would be fun to turn it into a competition; whoever had the most consecutive catches would be the winner.

I still wasn't feeling completely "into" it at that point but there I was…outside…doing what I knew was it was game on. When it was my turn, I was determined to beat Ema's 10 or 12 consecutive catches and after the first throw the ball bounced back and hit me...right. in. the. eye. Seriously!? I was so angry I wanted to cuss (but didn't) and then I wanted to throw down my glove and go inside and pout (or cry) like a baby…but I didn't. I immediately thought, "Here's what I get for trying to do the right thing!? This is so freaking awesome!" Once I breathed a few deep breaths after realizing my eye didn't get poked out and was able to come to terms with the fact I may end up with a black eye, I soon lost myself in Ema and Ella's laughter and allowed the humor of the situation to sink in. I mean really. It was funny. And honestly, it was exactly what I needed to kick my butt in gear and get rid of the "ho-hum" attitude I had and just loosen up and be in the moment. Black eye and all. *wink*

By the way…I ended up with high score for the night! (52 catches) BAM!!

The shoppe has been busy this past week and I've had lots of requests for the Art Prints I've been sharing on my Instagram Feed - like this one:

I'm going back and forth about just opening my own shoppe (through Shopify or some place similar) or if I should just keep everything in Etsy. Or maybe I should just do both? Not sure.  Any of you have any suggestions? Are there specific E-commerce Platforms you really like or recommend? I could use your feedback and suggestions.

I've also been dealing with the "ugly side" of manufacturing…again!
Will be making some tough decisions with regards to all of that soon!

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