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LIFE | Brown Sugar Moments

Monday, March 10

I seriously don't know how I get anything done lately.
Some days I am angry about it...
Other days I accept it…knowing I'm exactly where I should be.

Most of the time though…I'm in a constant state of juggling.
My juggling act can either be spot on or I'm dropping balls all over the place.

I read something recently about just focusing on one task a time until it is done and then you move on to the next focused task. Sounds easy enough, right?
I mean it even sounds completely logical.
However, I'm seriously doubting that women were wired to perform that way? Or maybe it's just me?

I believe we are either incredibly blessed or incredibly cursed by the fact that we are fantastic multi-taskers. So I guess it just depends on how you look at…

When I'm working...I've got my kids on my brain.
When I'm with my and deadlines are screaming for my attention.
And in either situation I've got dinner, house work, goals, blogging, deadlines, crafts I want to do, dreams I want to make come true, home decor changes I want to dive into, diy projects I want to tackle and random thoughts about life and people and family and fitness and faith and trials and…and…
all fighting for space in my brain.

Most days, I find myself ready to fight the good fight.
Then there are days like today that I want to kick the boxing gloves under the bed and pull the covers over my head and call "time out" or scream "uncle!"

Some days it feels like I am walking through molasses…
It's exhausting…and sticky…and frustrating…and messy.
Actually, molasses isn't all that appealing to look at either…and it isn't even remotely tasty.

But you know what…
As I was focusing on all of this and how life can feel like we are walking/swimming/sinking/drowning in molasses…
I started thinking about the sweet things that happen through my day too.
And that made me realize the glorious miracle that occurs when we just add a little sugar to all that molasses…
Do you already know?
Molasses + Sugar = Brown Sugar

This revelation got me thinking a lot about "Brown Sugar Moments".
These would be moments filled with "sweetness" intentionally added or found or appreciated throughout our molasses-filled days/life.
Each of us has "molasses" to walk through…and the molasses is defined differently for each of us.
And guess what? The sugar is different for each of us too.
But regardless…adding the two together will always result in a Brown Sugar Moment.
So…I wanted to share a little bit of MY Brown Sugar Moments with you…

My Brown Sugar comes from the parts of my day when I slow down and put what matters most first and let the rest just fall away.

Like taking time to have picnics with Ella and her favorite stuffed animals…
those are always brown sugar moments for me.

We will carefully prepare for the picnics by selecting her favorite stuffed animals she'd like to have in attendance. We then go through this whole process of dressing each one for the occasion.

Some are adorned with Ear Rings (a ring on each ear)…not earrings. Ella's brilliant idea!

Every single one of them has to have at least one hair accessory…bow, barrette, ribbon, hair tie, headband, etc.

And a beaded necklace…of course.

Some are lucky enough to even get fancy shoes...

Or a cool pair of shades...

And for this particular picnic…Ella surprised me by creating a beautiful centerpiece. 
I just LOVE the presentation and her use of a Kraft Bag as the vase - she's so on trend! *wink*

When I'm fully engaged in these imaginative picnics…
I'm happy.
And Ella is happy.
And therein lies the brown sugar moments!

This post started off with a full breakdown on my day…in timeline format.
I was so bored and overwhelmed by it, I removed it entirely from the post because I thought for sure you would be bored and overwhelmed too. If you really want to see a timeline of my day…I'll post it. But only if you ask! *wink*


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your brown sugar moments, very similar to mines:)

Tracey said...

I love everything about this post, the reality of life & the sweet picnic with your daughter. I love how fancy everybody is. Fun!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you so much for your comment Tracey! I sincerely appreciate it and I'm thrilled you stopped by for a visit. We do have fun doing these picnics on a consistent basis - and that's what life is about, right? Pearls and picnics? Ha!

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